Black Friday 2023

Black Friday starts at midnight on November 24th, 2023 and lasts for 24 hours. As always, you'll find the most popular campaigns with us - new deals every hour. Set your price alerts today and be the first to know about the best deals - read more about this further down the page!

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Hundreds of UK shops (and brands) are looking forward to celebrating the day with you, and so do we at PriceRunner of course!

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How to make the most of Black Friday in 2023

When is Black Friday and how long is it, is a perfectly reasonable question when most shops these days will start their sales well in advance of the actual day, more often than not we're starting to hear the term Black Month as a standard for November. This year's Black Friday sale will take place on Friday, November 24th. But in a sea of offers and fake deals how can you know what you should and should not buy? Don't worry we're here to help you with the best buying tips as well as handpicked deals that are sure to be great!

5 tips: How to find great deals online

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the deal-hype - and Britons spend around £350 on average during Black Friday. To avoid getting stressed out or anxious when your order confirmations begin flowing in, you should keep an eye on how shop smarter and get the most out of each deal! In general, it is good to think ahead and give yourself plenty of time as there may be some delivery delays this year. So it's not a bad idea to get a head start on the Christmas gift shopping already during the Black Week sale instead of waiting until the Friday. This way you will save both money and the stress of having to buy all your Christmas gifts closer to Christmas Eve.

  1. Plan your purchases

    Planning during shopping season is key. Think about what you want to buy, what you actually need and what you are willing to spend. Set a budget so you don't overspend, this will also help you to not impulse shop. If you have a list, you will also minimise the risk of having to make returns which is a big time saver and great for the environment. On your PriceRunner profile, you can collect lists of all the products you want to buy or keep an eye out for during the sale. Remember you can share the lists with your friends and family!

  2. Never miss a good deal - set a price alert

    If you're interested in a product but it's a bit on the pricey side you can easily monitor the price and receive a notification when the product goes on sale or drops in price. You choose if you want to receive a notification as soon as there is a price drop, when the price is goes down by a certain amount or when it falls below a certain price point. Of course, you can also choose to include the shipping cost in total cost, so you have an accurate view of the final price. You will find all your price alerts on your profile.

  3. Let's find the best deals in 2023

    When is Black Friday 2023, and which deals are the best, when does Black Week 2023 start... Don't worry we will not only help answer all your questions but we will also help you find all the best deals from the sale! Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram and you will get the absolute best handpicked deals - through the whole Black Week.

  4. Keep track of the delivery time

    Many people buy Christmas gifts during the Black Friday sale, so of course you want to make sure the gifts will be under the tree come Christmas morning. To avoid late Christmas presents, we recommend that you check the last order by date to ensure that the order will be delivered before Christmas. Of course, you should also check that the product is in stock when you shop, so that the delivery time is not delayed for this reason.

  5. Use the app in the shop and find real deals

    Download the PriceRunner app to easily keep track of prices and deals even when on the go. In the app is a barcode scanner that you can use when in store to quickly check and see if you could get the product at a lower price somewhere else. Once you have found a good deal you can also check the price history of the product to make sure you steering clear of fake sales and overpricing.

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Let our experts help you

Our team of product experts have conducted hundreds of tests where products have been tested over long periods of time to ensure that we judge them based on their intended use. All this to help you find the best product for you! A wide range of popular brands and products from different price ranges have been put to the test so that you know what to keep an eye out for this Black Friday.

Black Friday 2023 UK top trends: Quality and mindfulness

Thinking through your purchases and only investing in what is really needed feels more relevant than ever, both from an economic and environmental stand point. The best Black Friday deals are on the things your home actually needs and that are clever investments. A good tip is to already now start to create a list of what you want to buy and make sure to spend some extra time actually comparing different options, especially if you're looking to buy pricier products, sometimes it can be worth spending a bit extra to get a long lasting and durable product. Think through which product features you actually need and benefit from. If you find, for example, a Black Week offer on a product, it is easy to be charmed by cool features. But if you have an idea of ​​what you actually need and will use, it is easier for you to find a model that suits both your home and your needs, and that might not always be the latest or greatest model.

How you make smart purchases (that will actually make you happy)

Best deals Black Week? Invest in quality!

The cheapest option is not always the most profitable in the long run, as a higher price in many cases also gives you better quality that will last for many years to come. So it can definitely be worth spending more money on a product or model that costs a little more, and a sale is the perfect place to get a high quality product at much more affordable price. To help you find the right product for you, we have plenty of guides and tests with recommended products in all price classes.

Keep track of reviews, trends and specifications

Becoming well informed and creating a comprehensive overview with the help real reviews and product ratings is a great way to scope out the best deals and products. You can also sort categories by what's most popular, so you can see what others are looking for right now. Another tip is to use the function to compare different products with each other if you are looking for particular specifications. If it is between two (or more) different models, the choice can be made easier if you know which specifications you need and what differs the two modes is a deal breaker. Maybe it's worth it for you to spend a bit extra to get a product feature that would make everyday life a little bit easier?

Reduce expenses with smart products

Keeping track of (and preferably reducing) your household expenses is something many are interested in right now. Fortunately, there are loads of smart products for the home that can help you do just that, everything from lighting controlled via apps or sensors to electricity meters, timers and of course energy-efficient household appliances. Maybe you will spend this Black Friday on the look out for smart home upgrades that can help you save money?

You'll find tons of smart budget tricks and energy-saving gadgets among all our savings tips.

1 out of 4 special offers could be fake

Every year we analyse the most popular products among the largest online retailers. It's not unusual that prices increase before Black Friday only to then "go on sale" during Black Friday. This is one way to give a false impression that prices are better than they actually are.

Don’t be fooled – use smart features to keep an eye on special offers

Our data shows that Black Friday is the cheapest day of the year to shop, but that includes keeping track of when prices vary as they do quite a lot.

It’s smart to keep an eye out for online shops with sales on and also to see which products they offer at a discount. Here is where we’ve gathered the best offers from shops. If you’re interested in a specific product, the next step is to compare prices – this is where you can save loads and make good Black Friday UK deals!

Also, remember to check if the product is in stock. Otherwise the sales price may not be the determinant factor for your purchase, especially in cases where there’s a much longer delivery time to consider. Use our price history feature to ensure that the price you see is as good as it seems.

3 simple steps to determine if you’ve really found a fantastic deal

  1. Find the product you’re interested in and scroll down the page to find the "Price History"

  2. Select a time period and whether you wish to include international prices. Price history for the past three months is shown by default, but if you want to find sneaky price-increases, it’s smarter to examine a longer time period. Tip – compare the price with the sale price from last year. How to make the most of black Friday sales

  3. If you then want to determine if a deal from a specific shop is as good as it seems, or perhaps do some comparing of your favourite shops, you can click on "Choose retailer" above the price graph to show an individual shops' pricing history.

Get inspiration for your Black Friday purchases

Black Friday is a great time to dream big and to finally get those things you've been wanting. Have you ever dreamt of owning a super fast drone, a new kitchen assistant or a premium mobile phone? Then you're in luck, because we have gathered all the inspiration you might need to make your next dream purchase, whether you prioritise functionality or rainbow sequins.

Best Black Friday Deals

By checking the best deals of last years Black Friday sale, we can get some idea of where to look for great offers again this year. For example last year we saw a drop on everything from bags and surveillance cameras to boating and furniture. Below you can see some of the categories with the biggest average price drop.

Categories with the biggest price drop during Black Friday 2021

  1. Furniture (-25%)
  2. Boating (-24%)
  3. Clothing (-19%)
  4. Electrical Accessories (-19%)
  5. Surveillance Cameras (-18%)
  6. Bags (-17%)

Black Friday in the UK - bigger than ever

The shopping day was first started in the US during the 1960s, and has since become a calendar event for the Friday after the American Thanksgiving holiday (which always falls on the fourth Thursday of November). In UK it has become increasingly popular annually since the 2000s. Both online shops and physical ones participate in the sales in the UK. During the 24hr period when the offers are on, searches and traffic to online shops spike by close to 100% compared to a regular day. Black Friday campaigns are very popular indeed!

A brief history

What is the real meaning of Black Friday? First appearing as a term in 1961 in USA, it was originally a title given to the day following Thanksgiving. This was due to ensuing chaos that tended to occur on the motorways and cities. Said chaos would typically be because of families returning home from Thanksgiving, but also because this day would mark the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

So, what is Black Friday and why is it celebrated? Today, it marks the single biggest shopping day of the year. Many retailers offer ludicrous discounts, in part to get rid of stock due to the upcoming Christmas sales, which ultimately is to the benefit of everyone looking to save money.

While we today look at it as a consumer-focused shopping event, it was not always so! In the 1980s, Black Friday was also a term used to describe the day on which many companies would turn a financial profit (Christmas sales season, anyone?). Because of this, their numbers would go from ‘red’ to ‘black’. Regardless of all this, today, is the biggest shopping day of the year.

Black Friday becomes Black Week

Nowadays, in order to capitalise on sales interest in the lead-up to Black Friday, many shops have extended the length of their offers and we talk more about “Black Week” than in the past. The graph below shows the number of clicks to PriceRunner during November 2021. We can see an increasing growth in visitors throughout November with an escalation during Black Week. Finally, a crescendo falls on Black Friday date itself. In Black Week 2023, we will probably see the same pattern.


Black Week is a phenomenon that even physical shops are gravitating towards more. It’s a bit more manageable to spread the sales period out over the course of the week for both the shops, that have to handle increased demand from customers, and for the delivery and freight services who need to deliver packages prior to the Christmas holidays.

FAQ - Frequent Questions about Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest shopping event of the year in the UK, with loads of discounts and offers. The day was originally an American concept that started in the 1960s. During recent years, this huge shopping day has spread around the globe with Black Friday kicking off the annual holiday shopping season.

Black Friday 2023 lands on Friday, the 24th of November. Black Friday always coincides with the Friday after the American Thanksgiving holiday, which is observed on the fourth Thursday of November annually. This means that the date for Black Friday varies annually just as it does with Thanksgiving.

Black Friday 2023 in the UK begins at midnight on Friday, the 24th of November. Sales will take place during the subsequent 24 hours and ends at 23:59 on the same day. Many stores still continue with special offers during the entire weekend following Black Friday, and also on the following Monday, which are called Black Weekend and Cyber Monday, respectively.

Which date Black Friday lands on differs each year. In the UK, the Black Friday 2023 begins at midnight on Friday 24 November. The sale lasts for 24 hours and ends at 23.59 the same day, Friday 24 November. However, many stores continue with offers throughout the weekend (Black Weekend) and on Monday (Cyber Monday).

The term Black Friday was first used in 1961, in Philadelphia, USA. Police in the city used the phrase to describe the chaos that would occur on both highways and with pedestrians on the day after the Thanksgiving holiday. In the 1980s, the term Black Friday was also used to describe that on the same day, for some companies, this would be the time would become profitable and their numbers in their financial reporting would go from "red" to "black". Nowadays, it is more commonly associated with shopping and sales.

Many British stores have special Black Friday offers and this includes e-stores, physical stores, markets and shopping centres. That includes everything from clothing and electronics chains to grocery stores and even travel companies in some cases. On this page you can find stores that have Black Friday offers.

During Black Friday, lots of stores offer discounts of around 20%. You can also find superb deals on toys, headphones and headsets, TVs, mobile phones and game consoles from the previous year. Tip: always check the price history on the item you're interested in buying to see if the sale offer is actually as good as it seems.

Cyber Monday 2023

Have you missed the biggest shopping day of the year and all the Black Friday offers? Fret not, you can still take part in one of the biggest sales days after Black Friday, Cyber Monday. It is the day when you can find great deals in electronics online. So take the opportunity to bargain-hunt a Nintendo Switch, an iPhone 12 or a pair of new AirPods. Cyber Monday is also growing like Black Friday in the UK and of course we also list the best Cyber Monday campaigns you can find!

Cyber Monday campaigns

Then there's Boxing Day 2023

To wrap up a long season of shopping days and super sales there is Boxing Day; the last great sale of the year. During this day you'll find special offers both online and in physical shops. And of course, you'll find the best Boxing Day deals right here at PriceRunner.

Boxing Day Campaign

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