Boxing Day Sale 2022

Boxing Day sales start on December 26th, 2022 and lasts for 24 hours.

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What is Boxing Day?

Boxing Day is a public holiday celebrated annually on December 26th, following Christmas Day. Boxing Day has become one of the largest sales events in Great Britain where thousands of shops offer a variety of products at a discounted price. However you can find an equal amount of deals online these days, so there's no need to head on out to the high street unless you need to.

Boxing Day 2021

Boxing Day sales is a great time to get the Christmas gifts you wish you would have gotten or all the things you might need for the coming year. As always, you can find all the best offers and discounts with us!

How to make the most of Boxing Day sales

Barely has the paper crowns come off and the mince pies been digested before it it's time for Boxing Day. Perhaps you didn't get everything you wanted for Christmas, then Boxing Day sales is the perfect opportunity to not only buy those things that were on the top of your list, but also get it for a great price.

Planning for Boxing Day

On Boxing Day many retailers heavily discount everything from toys to electronics. Much like the Black Friday sales kickstart the Christmas shopping, you could say that the Boxing Day sales wrap it up. The sales were initially limited to only Boxing Day, but since the early 2000's the day has expanded to a comprehensive period of time, usually stretching up until New Years. Today we can enjoy shopping all the best Boxing Day deals from home as much of the sale is online.

5 tips for Boxing Day sales

  1. Have a game plan!

    What do you need? Which products have you been longing for? Write a list over what you're really looking out for during this sale. It's easy to be tempted by all red glowing prices and then fill our baskets with things we don't really need or want, all because the price seems like to good of an opportunity to miss out on. Make a plan and stick to it.

  2. Only spend within your means

    A good rule of thumb is to only spend the money you actually have on your account. Avoid shopping on credit, because when the bill comes in a months time the bargain will feel less like a bargain a more like a burden. January is generally that month were you have a little bit less due to the Christmas shopping, so spend thoughtfully.

  3. Compare prices

    Make a habit of comparing prices when you come across a good deal. It only takes a few seconds to search on PriceRunner and make sure that you've definitely got the best price and potentially save even more!

  4. Think longterm

    To make the most out of Boxing Day sales, it's a good idea to think about what you need longterm, not just what you want right now. Think a few months ahead. What birthdays are coming up? Will the children need new spring coats? What are your plans for the summer? Perhaps some planned renovation? Usually the best sales are on off-season products. If you know you will need something in the near future, and you have the funds - this is the best time to make the investment and save yourself some money.

  5. Check your measurements

    That so many products are being returned is not just a problem for the retailer. It also has a negative impact on the environment. If you purchase clothes or shoes online, make sure that you measure yourself correctly and according to the retailers specific details as sizing may vary between brands.

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Tools & tips

It's easy to get lost in the online world of sales. Luckily PriceRunner has several tools to help you navigate sales and offers to make sure that you find the products you've been longing for at the best price point.

Tools & tips

Let PriceRunner help you find the best sales

  • Create lists and stay organised

    Once you've logged into PriceRunner, you can very easily create lists with all of your favourite products. Just hover the cursor over the heart by the product you want to save. Click on the heart to add the product to an already existing list, or to one that you created especially for the Boxing Day sales.

  • Set price alerts

    Never miss out on a price reduction again! As a PriceRunner member you can activate a price alert on all your favourite products. Just set a price and get notified when your product has been reduced to that price.

  • Watch out for fake deals!

    With the help of PriceRunner price history, you can easily check if the price has actually been reduced or if it's a case of a so called fake-sale. It's not uncommon that prices rise a few weeks before sales, to then be reduced back to normal price once the sales start. The PriceRunner price graph uncovers all shady business.

  • Read our expert reviews

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3 things to bear in mind

To truly have a sense of accomplishment with your sales purchases, there are three things you should pay extra attention to.

3 tips


  1. Deliveries

    During sales delivery periods may be extended, so if you are in a rush - double check which delivery options the retailer offers.

  2. Returns

    Check both your own and potentially your children's sizes before you order online, so you don't have to make unnecessary returns. However sometimes an item may not be what you expected - so double check the retailers return policy before you shop.

  3. Reviews

    On PriceRunner there is, not only expert testing, but also the possibility for all visitors to leave reviews and ratings on products and stores. If you feel unsure regarding a product or retailer, read the reviews and ratings on PriceRunner before making your purchase.


Boxing Day is a public holiday celebrated annually on December 26th, following directly after the Christmas Day. It is widely observed in the UK and within the wider Commonwealth nations. Boxing Day has now also become one of the largest sales events in Great Britain where thousands of stores offer products at a discount or with special offers.

Boxing Day is observed annually on December 26th. However, depending on the calendar day Boxing Day takes place, the public or bank holiday connected to Boxing Day can follow one or two days later.

Boxing Day begins at 00:00 on December 26th and lasts for 24 hours until 23:59 of the same day.

There are several speculated origins of the the name of Boxing Day. It is commonly believed that the name comes from December 26th traditionally being a day off for servants, whereby they would receive a "Christmas Box" from their employers or masters.

Another proposed origin for the name Boxing Day is that is reference to charity drives during Christmas to help the poor and needy. Traditionally, gifts and other items would be placed into boxes and taken to churches on Christmas Day to be later distributed to the poor the following day - Boxing Day.

Some also believe the name Boxing Day is a reference to old seafaring tradition, where large sailing vessels would hold a sealed box containing money for good luck on their voyage. In the event the voyage was a successful endeavour, the box would then be given to a priest, who would open the box on Christmas and then distribute the contents amongst the poor and needy.

Many stores all across the UK have special offers on Boxing Day and this includes online stores, physical shops, large markets and shopping centres. Sales are found on everything to clothing and electronics, to food items and even travel offers in some cases. On this page you can find stores that are offering Boxing Day sales and special offers.

Make a list of all the items you having been wanting to get, then with our price history check you can make sure that you're making the best deal possible. Through PriceRunner you will always be able to compare and get a comprehensive overview of the different pricepoints offered by different vendors.