Cyber Monday 2022

Cyber Monday 2022 falls on Monday the 28th of November. This sale typically focuses more on electronics. If these are the deals you have been waiting for, check out all our campaigns below.

Shops with Cyber Monday-offers

Hundreds of UK shops and brands are looking forward to celebrating Cyber Monday 2022 with you, and of course so do we at PriceRunner!

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How to make the most of Cyber Monday 2022

When is Cyber Monday, how long is Cyber Monday and what is Cyber Monday? All reasonable questions for this lesser known shopping day that is all about tech products, so if you're a tech lover or just hoping to score some great deals on anything from TV's and home tech to gaming and mobile phones then this is the sale for you. make the most of cyber monday deals This year's Cyber Monday sale will take place on Monday, November 28th, the first Monday after Black Friday. But in a sea of offers and fake deals how can you know what you should and should not buy? Don't worry we're here to help you with the best buying tips as well as handpicked deals that are sure to be great!

5 tips: How to find great Cyber Monday deals online

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the Cyber Monday deal-hype. To avoid getting stressed out or anxious when your order confirmations begin flowing in, you should keep an eye on how to shop smarter and get the most out of each deal! In general, it is good to think ahead and give yourself plenty of time as there may be some delivery delays this year. So it's not a bad idea to get a head start on the Christmas gift shopping. This way you will save both money and the stress of having to buy all your Christmas gifts closer to Christmas Eve.

  1. Plan your purchases

    Planning during shopping season is key. Think about what you want to buy, what you actually need and what you are willing to spend. Set a budget so you don't overspend, this will also help you to not impulse shop. If you have a list, you will also minimise the risk of having to make returns which is a big time saver and great for the environment. On your PriceRunner profile, you can collect lists of all the products you want to buy or keep an eye out for during the sale. Remember you can share the lists with your friends and family!

  2. Never miss a good deal - set a price alert

    If you're interested in a product but it's a bit on the pricey side you can easily monitor the price and receive a notification when the product goes on sale or drops in price. You choose if you want to receive a notification as soon as there is a price drop, when the price is goes down by a certain amount or when it falls below a certain price point. Of course, you can also choose to include the shipping cost in total cost, so you have an accurate view of the final price. You will find all your price alerts on your profile.

  3. Let's find the best Cyber Monday deals 2022

    When is Cyber Monday 2022, which Cyber Monday deals are the best, when does Cyber Monday 2022 start... Don't worry we will not only help answer all your questions but we will also help you find all the best deals from the sale! Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Instagram and you will get the best handpicked deals!

  4. Keep track of the delivery time

    Many people buy Christmas gifts during the Cyber Monday sale, so of course you want to make sure the gifts will be under the tree come Christmas morning. To avoid late Christmas presents, we recommend that you check the last order by date to ensure that the order will be delivered before Christmas. Of course, you should also check that the product is in stock when you shop, so that the delivery time is not delayed for this reason.

  5. Use the app in the shop and find real deals

    Download the PriceRunner app to easily keep track of prices and deals even when on the go. In the app is a barcode scanner that you can use when in store to quickly check and see if you could get the product at a lower price somewhere else. Once you have found a good deal you can also check the price history of the product to make sure you steering clear of fake sales and overpricing.

Get help finding the best Cyber Monday Deals

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What to buy during Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday is a sales day for all things tech. But what should you buy on Cyber Monday and is it worth waiting for Cyber Monday instead of buying during Black Friday? Here are all our best buying tips for different tech products.


We’re seeing a big discount already with TVs, if you’re looking to buy a TV Cyber Monday would be the time to do it. TVs are usually long term investments and not something that is frequently upgraded, that’s why it may be smart to opt for an 8k TV if you’re looking for top quality. Although most film and video game formats don’t support this technology yet, they will in the future, so in this case you will be buying to keep your TV for the long haul.

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Mobile Phones

Although it may seem like the smart move to get the latest release of a product to stay on top of the tech development, it actually isn’t as bad as you think to buy earlier models. For example with the recent release of the iPhone 14 many are hurrying to jump on the latest model, but the truth is that the updates are so minimal that it doesn’t justify the price increase, meaning that you’d be better of buying the iPhone 13 instead of the iPhone 14, we have done a full comparison of the two models here. Remember that what usually makes our phones slow and seemingly not working is an old battery that can’t keep up with the software updates, so a simple fix instead of buying a new phone is to replace the battery, this will help increase the longevity of your phone.

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Smart Home

It's been quite a year for home tech. With much of our technology being centralised in our homes through voice activated assistants, smart lights, controllers and sensors. A smart home doesn't only make for an easier life it can aslo help you save money in the long run with the help smart thermostats and centralised lighting control. The shift can however be pricey so buying them at a discounted price during Cyber Monday makes a good investment great.

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Let our experts help you

Need more help in choosing the right product for you? Our team of product experts have conducted hundreds of tests where products have been tested over long periods of time to ensure that we judge them based on their intended use. All this to help you find the best product for you! A wide range of popular brands and products from different price ranges have been put to the test so that you know what to keep an eye out for this Cyber Monday.

Trending products that can help you save money

It’s been quite a year for tech products, with new releases from among other Apple, Samsung and Nintendo. But in lieu of all the new releases and trendy products it can be tricky to know what is worth investing in during Cyber Monday. It’s worth remembering that he cheapest option is not always the most profitable in the long run. So when looking to invest in new technology, whether it be a TV, a phone or a laptop don’t always fall for the latest trending products with the fancy specs. Think long term as well as how that model holds up to previous models and if there really is a massive difference.

Another unavoidable topic of the year has been the rising prices in cost of living and energy, so unsurprisingly there has been a surge of interest in products that can help lower your energy costs. We have detailed smart product switches you can make to save energy, including:

These switches can help you save a significant amount of energy, if you want to read the complete list you can see it here. Changing all your appliances can of course also be costly, that’s why Cyber Monday is the perfect time to look for deals on air fryers, slow cookers, solar panels and more.

You'll find lots of smart tricks and energy-saving gadgets on our budget and savings page.

Cyber Monday in the UK

Only a few days after Black Friday it is once again time for some amazing offers. Cyber Monday is the electronics focused equivalent to Black Friday and tends to operate mainly online, although there are a few physical stores that partake in the Cyber Monday deals. Cyber Monday promises a sale with heavily discounted products focused mainly on electronics.

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Have you not yet bought all your Christmas gifts or were the products you were hoping to get on Black Friday not as discounted as you had expected? Then this is a great opportunity to get those last gifts at a bargain price.

How is Cyber Monday different from Black Friday?

Cyber Monday is focused on electronics and tends to be mainly centered around online discounts as opposed Black Friday which has both online and in-store discounts. On Cyber Monday you can get some great deals and at times retailers will use this as an opportunity to further their Black Friday sales, it may therefore be worth your while to hold out a for few more days to get an even better offer.

FAQ - Most commonly asked questions about Cyber Monday

The Cyber Monday sales is the equivalent of Black Friday but mainly for electronics and the deals are typically always online. The sale was created to encourage people to shop online in 2005.

Cyber Monday 2022 will fall on the 28th of November. Cyber Monday always falls on the first Monday after Black Friday, which subsequently always falls on the first Friday after the American Holiday of Thanksgiving, which is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November. Cyber Monday will therefore fall on different dates every year depending on when Thanksgiving is celebrated.

In the UK Cyber Monday 2022 will fall on the 28th of November. The sale usually lasts for 24 hours and most retailers will start their sale at midnight and end their sales at 23:59. It's a tight shopping period and many wonder when is black friday and cyber monday 2022 as for some retailers Cyber Monday is a continuation of the Black Friday sales which will have occurred the previous Friday, but they are separate sale events.

Cyber Monday was coined in 2005 after research had been conducted in 2004 that showed that the first Monday after Thanksgiving was one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. The word Cyber itself refers to the usage of computers and highlights that the sale mainly applies to electronics.

During Cyber Monday it is mainly online stores that have offers. The sales typically centre around electronics. On this page you can find retailers with Cyber Monday offers.

During Cyber Monday most retailers will offer about 20% off. The offers usually apply to various electronic categories, ranging from smaller electronic devices to household electronics. A tip is to always have a look at the price history of the product that you are interested in, to make sure that you are really getting a great deal. Many wonder which has better deals Black Friday or Cyber Monday, and it can be hard to say exactly, but a good tip is to look out for the things you couldn't find during Black Friday at the Cyber Monday sale.