Singles' Day 2022

Singles' Day is the biggest "treat yourself" day of the year and also the world's biggest online shopping event. Essentially - you get one more shopping day to look forward to in November: Singles' Day the 11/11 - 14 days before Black Friday!

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3 tips for Singles' Day shopping

  1. Make a list of purchases

    Avoid the temptation of all the flashing sale signs as you might risk going over budget by making impulse purchases, instead plan your purchases ahead of time. On your PriceRunner profile you can create personalized lists, which you create by selecting the heart icon on a product image. Don’t forget that you can share your lists with friends and family. Keep in mind: Black Friday is just around the corner two weeks later – with potentially even better discounts.

  2. Compare prices and make sure the offer is good

    Don’t be misled by huge discounts and high before prices. Compare with other stores before you decide to purchase your item. Also take a look at the products price history graph here on PriceRunner. If you see a large fluctuation in price that could be an indication that the item is on sale often, then it might be a good idea to set a price alert that will instead notify you when the item drops in price. Your Price Alerts can be found on your profile!

  3. Shopping outside of the EU?

    Singles' Day is the worlds biggest shopping day. That is why it’s easy to find great offers outside of the UK, for example on the Chinese website AliExpress.com (Alibaba Group), where the concept started in 2009.

    When shopping outside the EU it’s important to remember that both custom and tax charges will be added on to the price of your item. Therefore make sure that you compare the total price, to ensure that you’re making the best deal possible.

How to celebrate Single's Day

Even if Single's Day focuses on on singles there is nothing that says you have to spend the day alone. You can also use the day to go all in and spoil yourself! If you choose to spend the day with yourself here is some inspiration of what you can do on your very special me-day.

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What is Singles' Day?

Singles' Day is the worlds largest shopping day, where self-love and me-time are the focus, regardless if you are in a relationship or single. At least that is what the shops are marketing, but this has not always been the concept.

Guanggun Jie, as it's known in China, was about getting a break from the lonely, monotonous life as a single person. At least that is what four single students at Nanjing University in China are said to have discussed in 1993. Why not celebrate being single with a day filled with fun activities together with your friends?

Singles' Day spread to other universities and was seen as the anti- Valentines Day, where Chinese men instead could celebrate being single. After some time the day was embraced by single women and suddenly everyone had a great excuse to just meet and have fun in November, the 11/11.

When is Singles' Day?

Singles' Day always falls on the 11th day of the 11th month each year, so the 11th of November. The reason this day was chosen is said to be due to the repetition of the number "1", the ones representing the single person.

Singles' Day date

UK shops are embracing the day

Singles' Day has become a great excuse to spoil yourself and treat yourself to something special. This has been the concept since 2009, when the then Alibaba-group(the Chinese equivalent to Amazon), saw an opportunity of a great sale day. The first year the offers were mainly geared towards singles. Today however most products will be on offer, much like it is on Black Friday.

Singles' Day is today the worlds biggest shopping day, even bigger than Black Friday. 2018 the Chinese commerce-giant Alibaba alone sold products for 30.8 billion dollars. How many billion will be spent this year remains to be seen.

The day has grown massively outside of China. In the UK there has been a massive increase in sales on these days, and the numbers grow larger each year. It's safe to say, Singles' Day is here to stay.

FAQ – Commonly asked questions about Singles Day

Singles Day is the worlds biggest sale day. The day dates back to the early 90's, when four students at the Chinese University Nanjing, decided that it was time to celebrate being single. The day was supposed to be a sort of anti- Valentines Day. The 11th of November was dubbed the official Singles Day and the celebrations quickly spread to other Universities. The phenomenon was then adopted by the founders of the e-commerce giant AliBaba, that promoted it as a sale day with focus on self-love.

Singles Day is a celebration of being single and the day is celebrated the 11th of November every year, in other words 11/11. The ones symbolise the single individual. In China, where Singles Day originated in 1993, the day is known as Guanggun Jie.

It's very easy to remember what day Singles day falls on. This yearly shopping day is always celebrated on the 11th of November, so the 11/11 - a date made up solely of one's.

Four Chinese students began celebrating Singles Day all the way back in 1993, it was then a celebration of singledome. 2009 Jack Ma, the founder of the AliBaba-group (the Chinese equivalent to Amazon) launched Singles Day as a massive sale day. Singles Day has then gone on to becoming the world's biggest shopping day, with a revenue that far exceeds the Black Friday Sales.

Although Singles Day has quickly become the worlds biggest sale day with revenues of about 30.8 billion dollars in China alone last year, it is not as well known in the UK. Here Black Friday is more established as the big sale day of the year. But for the past few year Singles Day shopping has been growing larger and continues to expand globally.