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How to get an iPhone for the best price

iPhones are more than just useful accessories – for many people they’ve become an indispensible tool for running their professional and social lives.

Whether you’re looking to access the internet while on-the-go, or you’d like to be able to take and share pictures with your phone, iPhones are useful and adaptable machines with a huge range of features.

Getting the best device for the best price involves being very careful about what sort of product you want, as there are many different models of iPhones, all with different capabilities.

The most recent iPhone version will always be the most expensive, but this may not be necessary for your individual requirements. Likewise, those which have a large 32GB memory will be more expensive than 16GB models.

You should also consider whether an extended warranty would be right for you. Although this initially increases the price of the iPhone, in the long run these can be extremely good value, as iPhones can often be accidentally broken.

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