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Three tips for buying a new mobile phone

Manufacturers’ top models have become more expensive – significantly more expensive. That's the absolute truth. At the same time, cheaper models have become better and better. Today, we would say that the real phone war is taking place in the class around £300. If you keep your wits about you, you can actually get a really great phone with a good camera and battery life, and you will hardly miss the more expensive phone options.

The big difference between phones today lies in the camera. Of course, the top models produce the best pictures, but the difference between them and slightly cheaper phones is decreasing. When it comes to daylight, most people will be satisfied with the results from quite a few cameras.

Only when you want to take photos very close up, or in slightly poorer light conditions, does the lower price tag become apparent. If photography is important to you, there’s reason to spend a little more money.

Alongside the camera, it is often quite clear what has been removed to save money. The screen and battery are not what companies are saving money on. In fact, quite a few medium class mobile phones have really good ones. The processor also tends to keep up very well, even though it is a little slower than the top models. Today, we rarely have any problems with the amount of storage space on our phones.

However, you will quickly notice a lack of protection against dust and water: The IP rating. Labelling costs money, and often savings are made there – the phone is called “splash proof” without further details. Wireless charging is also a luxury feature that quickly disappears... and that you actually can live without. Speaking of charging, cheaper phones usually don't have the same kind of fast charging as the more expensive models.


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