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Dresses PrettyLittleThing Underwire Detail Draped Midi Dress - Peach

PrettyLittleThing Underwire Detail Draped Midi Dress - Peach

Dress, Midi Dress, Floral, Material: Polyester, Underwire

Pretty Little Thing
in 1 store

3 tips when shopping for a dress

To make sure you get the right size, start by measuring yourself. Here's how to do it:

  • Bust measurement – measure around the widest part of your chest.
  • Waist – measure around your waistline, below your lowest rib.
  • Hips – measure about 8-9” (21-23cm) below your waistline.

Here are some common fabrics to look out for:

  • Cotton is the most popular natural fabric. It's breathable and temperature. Keep in mind that 100% cotton can shrink in the wash, so choose a size up if it feels snug.

  • Polyester is a synthetic fabric that doesn't wrinkle easily, but it doesn't breathe like natural fabrics. This means it can feel sweaty, especially on hot days.

  • Viscose is a lightweight natural fabric that's perfect for summer dresses. It's airy and absorbs moisture quickly. The downside is that it wrinkles easily and can shrink, so keep that iron handy. Modal is a type of viscose that holds its shape better.

  • Linen is another natural fabric that's great for hot days. It absorbs moisture, but like viscose, it's prone to wrinkling.

If you're invited to an event with a dress code, there are certain rules of etiquette that dictate how your dress should look:

  • A blazer dress code means you should dress up a bit more than usual, but not too formal. A knee-length or ankle-length dress in any pattern or colour is perfect.
  • A dark suit dress code is a bit more formal. Opt for a dress that falls below the knees in a fancier fabric like silk or velvet. Stick to more muted colours.
  • A tuxedo dress code is a chance to get glammed up. Choose a festive dress in silk, chiffon, or velvet. Just make sure it's not too long or sparkly, or you might be mistaken for a tailcoat dress.
  • A tailcoat dress code is the most formal, so you'll need an elegant long or evening dress. Think classic styles and luxurious fabrics.
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