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Jackets on sale The North Face Diablo Down Jacket - Black

The North Face Diablo Down Jacket - Black

Jacket, Winter Jacket, Solid Colour, Material: Polyamide, Nylon, Water Repellent


Three things to consider when buying a jacket

  • If you are between two sizes, we always recommend choosing the larger one. You might want to wear a thick jumper under your jacket, so make sure that it fits without feeling bulky.

** If, on the other hand, you want to use the jacket as a middle layer, for example a thinner jacket under a coat, it’s better that it fits snugly.

It is always important that you can move around in it, such as reaching up your arms, without the jacket feeling tight.

The last thing you want is to get soaked by the rain while you're out and about. So check how much water the jacket can withstand.

Some are water-repellent, which means that they can withstand a small amount of moisture, while others are completely waterproof. The water resistance of a garment is measured in water column (mm) – the higher the number, the higher the water pressure that the jacket can withstand. Around 6,000–10,000 mm can handle light rain, while 16,000–20,000 mm can withstand heavy rainfall. Here you can read more about water resistance. Choose a jacket in Gore Tex to protect you from wet and windy weather. It’s also an advantage if the seams are taped, so it doesn't leak.

A good jacket should keep you warm enough, which is why it’s important to consider the fabric and padding. A down jacket will keep you warm even when the temperature falls well below freezing – but it doesn't have optimal insulating properties when wet.

In addition to down, many jackets have synthetic padding. Synthetic material resists moisture better than down, but does not have the same warming properties in really cold environments.

A lighter jacket that you want to wear for running, hiking, or other activities in which you move a lot should have good breathability, so that you can sweat without getting sticky.