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Tights Falke Dot 15 Den Women Tights

Falke Dot 15 Den Women Tights

Tights, 15 Denier, Polka Dot, Material: Elastane/Lycra/Spandex, Polyamide

in 7 stores
Tights Falke Shelina 12 Den Women Tights - Crystal

Falke Shelina 12 Den Women Tights - Crystal

Tights, 12 Denier, Solid Colour, Material: Polyamide

in 3 stores

Three tips for buying thights

Sizes often differ between brands. So start by checking out the size chart. Sizes are usually categorised according to the weight and length of the wearer. If you are between two sizes, it is usually more comfortable to wear tights that are slightly larger, so that they don't risk splitting in the crotch or chafing when you walk.

  • Denier measures the thickness of tights: the higher the number, the thicker the tights. This is partly a matter of taste, and partly depends on how warm you need to be.

  • One guideline is that you should choose at least 40 denier if you want the most out of your tights.

  • If you want a pair of really thin ones for parties or warm spring days, 10–15 denier is a good choice.

  • Lined tights, or tights made from wool, are comfortable on really cold and windy autumn and winter days.

Learn more about denier and what the levels look like in this denier tights guide from Cosmopolitan.

We know that feeling of carefully trying to roll a new pair of tights onto our legs in fear that a sharp nail will accidentally get caught in them. Reinforced toes, heels, and soles stop tights from tearing in the first place.

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