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Induction Cookers Hotpoint HDM67I9H2CB Black

Hotpoint HDM67I9H2CB Black

Induction Cooker Width: 60cm



An induction stove has a hob that heats the pans with the help of magnetism, which creates heat in the pans via vibrations. So it is the frying pan itself or the casserole that is heated, not the hob on which the pot stands. An induction stove is the classic kitchen furniture that combines an oven and an induction hob. A freestanding induction hob is exactly what it sounds like, a hob without an oven that is placed on the countertop in the kitchen.

  • An induction hob heats the food faster and with less energy, compared to a classic stove with cast iron plates or a glass ceramic hob. Compared to a stove with cast iron plates, an induction variant is about 40% faster at boiling a litre of water. The pans can be heated very quickly, and less energy is wasted.
  • It is very easy to regulate the temperature with induction. The risk of accidentally boiling over or burning something decreases.
  • An induction hob also does not get as hot as other types of stoves, which reduces the risk of burning, which is especially good if there are children in the family.
  • Induction hobs are also very easy to keep clean. The smooth and shiny glass surface makes them easy to wipe off. Since the surface of the hob is also not as hot as a classic stove, it is much easier to wipe off things that have boiled over without it burning.

How many cooking zones you need. The usual is four, but there are also models with more zones, as well as models with fully flexible zones. • How many heat steps can be selected. It is an advantage to be able to adjust the heat in small steps to find the ideal temperature. • The design. Hobs are available both with and without edge protection. Without edge protection, the design becomes more minimalist and slightly easier to wipe off, but the edge is sensitive and can quite easily crack or chip if you drop something on it. • Other features. There are a variety of other features of induction hobs/stoves. Automatic switch-off during overheating, timer, child lock, led lighting that shows which zones are running and how hot they are, and more. Think about what's important to you, so you don't pay extra for features you won't use.


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