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Hand Mixers

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Smeg HMF01

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A hand mixer is a handheld kitchen utensil used to simplify whisking when cooking, such as mixing batter or whipping cream – which otherwise requires quite hard manual work. Often, on modern hand mixers, you can replace the whisks with dough hooks to mix and knead doughs. The hand mixer is actually one of the older electric kitchen utensils, and the first variants appeared more than 100 years ago.

As the name suggests, the main use is to whisk. Cream, mayonnaise, or, e.g. eggs and sugar when baking – the list can be made long. Hand mixers are primarily built for whisking. Many come with dough hooks, but they usually work poorly, and the hand mixers are generally far too weak to serve as a good alternative to a household assistant for bread baking. But if the hand mixer is used for what it is built for, it will be the tool you do not want to be without in the kitchen.

There are essentially three things you should have in mind when choosing a hand mixer: • Engine power. All hand mixers are able to whisk cream. But the stronger machines are able to use larger whisks and can whisk at greater speeds. This is a great advantage if you are going to whisk larger amounts of something or something that requires a little more, such as meringues. • Noise levels. There is a lot of difference in sound level between different models. The loudest ones get pretty quickly annoying to listen to, which might be wise to keep in mind when choosing a model. • Speed. It is an advantage if the hand mixer has a soft start and starts whisking slowly. It reduces the risk of it splashing out. It's also good if the speed can be used in several different levels, so you can choose whether to whisk quickly or slowly. • Accessory. Some models, in addition to the classic whisks, also have balloon whisks as accessories and some have a chopper. If you don't have a hand blender at home, these models are interesting.

Three tips for buying an electric whisk

An electric mixer with a stand and bowl can do the whisking on its own while you do something else. If you choose one that you hold, it should not be too heavy – especially if you want your children to help you whisk. An ergonomic handle makes it extra comfortable to use when operating the whisk at high speeds.

With a cord wrap, you can then roll up the cord for storage when you’ve finished whisking, which is appreciated by everyone who hates cord bundles.

Normally an electric mixer comes with two wire whisks and a pair of dough hooks. Some also have a balloon whisk, which easily whips fluffy cream and batter. Some also have a blender wand that you can use to whisk sauces or smoothies. Think about what you want to use the whisk for, and choose accessories accordingly. Maybe you can use the electric mixer instead of a stand mixer and mixer? If you like to bake bread and buns, the electric mixer should have an output of at least 250 watts, so that it can knead the dough well. With a turbo function, you can whip cream or ingredients into a batter extra fast.

It’s never fun to have a household appliance that grates on your eardrums. Some manufacturers specify the decibel level in the specifications, but if the electric mixer has several speed settings, the lowest one is often a little quieter. Sound levels can be classified as follows:

  • Low: <62 decibels
  • Medium: 62 to 66 decibels
  • High >66 decibels.

Did you know there is such a thing as whipping cream incorrectly? Read this detailed guide at Creamchargers to learn everything you need (or might not need) about whipped cream.

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