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E-book readers work by using what is called "e-ink technology". It works in such a way that there are a lot of microcapsules. These microcapsules are composed of positively charged white particles and negatively charged black particles. By adding positive or negatively charged current, it causes the particles to come to the surface, and this is how an e-book reader "creates" text.

The nice thing about it is that the particles reflect light instead of emitting it, so you can look at the screen for a longer time and in a wide variety of light, without it becoming uncomfortable for your eyes. At the same time, it also means that you can read on the screen in direct sunlight, which can usually be quite tricky on, for example, a phone or tablet. The answer here simplifies the process a lot, because we could easily write four or five pages about the technology. If you would like to know more, we can recommend this article.

There are vast differences between all the various e-book readers, and the one you should choose depends largely on what types of access you would like. For example, if you are considering an Amazon Kindle, remember that you are locked into Amazon’s service if you want e-books.

Yes! The public libraries have a large selection of e-books that you can borrow. Please note, however, that you need an e-book reader that can run EPUB files and Adobe's DRM program.

Most e-book readers on the market support both but do consider that Amazon's Kindle does not, as Amazon runs their own system.

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