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Wellingtons Children's Shoes

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Some rubber boots have warm linings, and can therefore also be used in the winter. Is this the kind of model you are looking for?
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Wellingtons Children's Shoes Hunter Original Little Kids - Black

Hunter Original Little Kids - Black

Wellington, Unlined Wellington, Black, Rubber

Outdoor Look
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Three tips for buying rubber boots for children

  • Wellingtons with lining. Not getting wet is a prerequisite for not getting cold, and for many months of the year it is a good idea to have lined Wellingtons as a complement to warmer winter boots. Removable lining makes them easier to dry.

  • Wellingtons without lining. Thinner Wellingtons that are suitable for summer, but can also work during spring and autumn by adding a warm insole and thicker socks.

  • Removable sole. The Wellingtons dry faster if the sole can be removed.

You can avoid some of the do-it-myself tantrums by buying Wellingtons that your child can easily put on without help. Punched holes or handles on the shaft make it easy for them to pull on the Wellingtons by themselves, and there is also no risk of it breaking the boot at the back, as the shaft won't fold and get treaded down when putting the boot on.

Buying wellies for your kids is always tricky regarding getting the proper size, big enough for a pair of extra socks, but still not to big and clumsy. We've found a guide for you with neet tips and tricks.

Keep moisture and dirt away from the inside of the Wellingtons by using a rain stop with a drawstring at the top of the shaft. When you don't have your trousers pulled down over your boots, the closable shaft provides extra safety to keep your feet dry. It can also help to give the Wellingtons a better fit.