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Hiking Backpacks Osprey Farpoint 40 M/L - Volcanic Grey

Osprey Farpoint 40 M/L - Volcanic Grey

Hiking Backpack, Men's Fit, 40L, Nylon



For hiking, a backpack with a volume of 60 litres is usually recommended. But it obviously depends on how long the hike will be. If you’re going on a really long hike, where you need to pack a lot of equipment, there are backpacks that can hold up to 120 litres. But bear in mind that the bigger the backpack, the heavier it will be. It’s important to choose a backpack that suits your physique.

The basic principle is to pack the things you’ll need during the day at the top of the bag. Things you need only when it's time to settle down for the evening you can pack further down.

Make sure you have dry socks, food and other necessities near the top. This way you don’t have to unpack and repack your bag several times a day.

The shoulder straps should be tightened so that your backpack fits snugly against your back. Once you’ve done that, then you can adjust the back length. The hip belt should sit on the hips – as that’s where most of the weight should be.

Be sure to adjust your backpack before setting off – test pack and test carry it so you know before your adventure how it’s going to feel when it’s carried correctly.


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