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SUP Bestway Hydro-Force Aqua Cruise Set

Bestway Hydro-Force Aqua Cruise Set

Inflatable SUP, Length 320, Unisex

UK Sports Imports
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SUP Bestway Hydro Force Oceana 10' Set

Bestway Hydro Force Oceana 10' Set

Inflatable SUP, Length 305, Senior



in 9 stores

Three tips before buying a SUP

SUP boards are available in both hard and inflatable versions, so-called iSup (inflatable stand-up paddle board).

A hard board is ready to go right away, while an inflatable SUP takes a while to inflate. However, it is easier to both transport and store, as it is easy to fold. You should therefore choose this one if you want to travel with it.

The larger the board, the more stable it is. Use your own weight plus the weight of the luggage you will carry with you.

The vast majority of boards can handle a weight between 90 and 140 kg. If you weigh more than 90 kg, you should choose a SUP that is at least 300 centimetres long and 80 centimetres wide, with a thickness of 15 centimetres. This will give you the best possible stability.

The type of board you should have depends on the properties you want to use.

  • A longer SUP is faster than a shorter one, while a shorter one is easier to manoeuvre. And the wider the board, the more stable it is. Here are some different kinds of SUP boards:

  • An all-round SUP is wide with a round front and rear edge, so that you can stand firmly on it. Stability is its primary feature, so choose an all-round version if you want to dive, fish, or be accompanied by children and dogs on it.

  • A yoga SUP is both wide and short, which makes it stable but slow. It is covered in a soft material with a good grip, a bit like a yoga mat.

  • A touring SUP is an option if you want to use your SUP for exercise and longer distances. It is both longer and sharper, which provides good speed.

  • A racing SUP is for those who want to reach great speeds. You don't get the same stability here, so choose this one if you’re an experienced paddler.

If you’re a beginner at SUP but want to get started, you may find this guide helpful.

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