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Kayaks Itiwit Inflatable 3

Itiwit Inflatable 3

Kayak, Length 382cm, 3-Person

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Three things to consider before buying a kayak

An important question to consider before buying a kayak is where you'll be using it.

If you’re going to paddle on the sea and in the archipelago, it’s a good idea to have a slightly longer kayak, preferably at least 4.5 metres. This makes it easier to paddle in headwinds and waves. Most kayaks will do the trick those who want to paddle in sheltered bays, waterways, or even lakes. It will depend on what you want to get out of your kayaking.

A shorter kayak is often wider and has a flat bottom, which gives you more stability in calm water, but becomes more unstable when out at sea.

Are you looking for a kayak for short trips at your summer cottage, are you going on a kayaking tour, or do you want a kayak that is suitable for exercising? Depending on what you want to use the kayak for, there are models that are more suitable than others.

  • An exercise kayak should be easy to operate and stable, with a straight bottom and soft hull shapes. This makes it easier to glide through the water.

  • If you’re going on longer kayaking trips, it’s important to find a kayak that runs easily and smoothly in the lake, allows you to sit comfortably, and holds the luggage you need.

  • For shorter and calmer trips, we recommend a wider kayak as this provides higher stability.

Since you mainly spend many hours sitting in the kayak, it is important that you are comfortable in it, and that it is suitably designed to fit your body.

  • If you’re short, choose a model that’s not too tall and wide for comfortable paddling.
  • If you are tall, it is more important to make sure that you have enough room to fit properly, and that the footrests/pedals are well positioned (although they are often adjustable).
  • Another important point is that the seat is ergonomically designed. Before buying a kayak, we therefore recommend that you try it out thoroughly.

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