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Horse Rugs Shires Typhoon 200 Combo Turnout Rug

Shires Typhoon 200 Combo Turnout Rug

Horse Rug, Winter Rug

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Three tips when buying a horse rug

The type of rug that’s best for your horse depends on several things, for example if it mainly needs warmth or if it requires protection against rain or insects.

  • A stable rug worn inside the stable. This is a lightweight rug that keeps the horse warm in the stable or box.
  • A winter rug is a warm and thick rug that the horse wears in winter. It protects against snow and rain.
  • An eczema rugprotects against insects whose stings can itch. It is tight-fitting and protects most of the body.
  • A fleece rugcan serve as both a stable rug and a transport rug. It wicks away moisture, which prevents the horse from becoming too sweaty.
  • A fly sheet protects the horse from insects. Some of them have built-in hoods to protect the horse’s eyes and ears.
  • A rain sheet is a thin, water-repellent rug that can be used outdoors during mild winter days.
  • Combi rugs have several functions combined in one rug. For example, it can be made from several materials to protect against rain, insects and cold.
  • Denier measures the rug’s durability – the higher the denier count, the more durable it is. An outdoor rug should therefore have a higher denier count than a rug that will be used inside the stable.

  • Water column measures how water-resistant the rug is. If the horse spends a lot of time outdoors, we recommend at least 3,000 mm.

  • MVT stands for Moisture Vapour Transmission. It measures how much condensation the rug lets through.

  • Rip-stop makes the rug more durable, as a stronger thread has been woven into it. Choose a rug with rip-stop if your horse likes to chew on its rugs.

It’s important that the rug isn’t too large. It should fit the length of the horse’s back, which is measured from the mane to the base of the tail. Here are some suggestions for finding the right rug size for your horse:

Falabella: 65–75 cm Mini Shetland: 85 cm Shetland Pony: 95 cm A/B Pony: 105 cm B/C Pony: 115 cm C/D Pony: 125–130 cm Full: 145 cm X-full: 155 cm XX-full: 165 cm

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