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For those who exercise a lot or have muscle problems, a foam roller is a good tool to invest in. The foam roller helps you with everything from muscle knots to the rehab of damaged muscles. A foam roller can also help you with the recovery of hard-trained muscles and pain relief, as it massages out the muscles. This, in turn, enables and speeds up the body's own healing. So you get an effective recovery ability.

There are different sizes and thicknesses of the foam rollers that you will find in the stores, and the different variants fit different purposes.

  1. A thicker foam roller is suitable for larger muscles, while a smaller one is suitable for smaller muscles such as the calves and arms.
  2. A long foam roller is more efficient and comfortable for larger surfaces, such as the back. The shorter models are great for accessing and massaging smaller individual muscles.

You can use a foam roller basically every day without any problem. But, of course, you need to know whether it helps you or not. If you use it incorrectly or overuse it, you may get hurt instead. If you get more pain on a specific area from using your foam roller too much, take a break for a couple of days until the pain disappears.


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