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Crosstrainers tectake 2 in 1 Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

tectake 2 in 1 Cross Trainer and Exercise Bike

Crosstrainer, Exercise Bike, Speedometer, Ergometer, Calorie Meter



During normal training with a cross trainer, all the major muscle groups are activated. The legs and arms, in particular, are worked, and so are the heart and lungs. When you want a higher load on the upper body, just use your arms more than your legs and vice versa.

Most people will benefit from working out on their cross trainer every day. But remember to listen to your body and proceed gently in the beginning. Usually the body gets used to the workout quickly, and then you can actually start exercising every day.

With a cross trainer, an exercise session of 20-30 minutes of intervals and high intensity training per workout should be enough to be effective. On the cross trainer, you use all the major muscle groups and, therefore, half an hour can easily equate to a brisk walk of 60 minutes.


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