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Depending on functions, brand and quality, food mixers are available in different price ranges. What is your budget?
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Food Mixers Smeg SMF03
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Smeg SMF03

Food Mixer, 4.8L, 800W Safety Interlock, Planetary/Orbital Mixing, Overheat Protection, Cooking Function, Variable Speed, Turbo/Pulse Function



Magic Vision
Donaghy Bros
in 31 stores
Food Mixers KitchenAid Classic 5K45SSBOB

KitchenAid Classic 5K45SSBOB

Food Mixer, 4.3L, 275W Dishwasher Safe Parts, Safety Interlock, Planetary/Orbital Mixing

in 12 stores

3 things to consider when buying a food mixer

The amount of dough or cake batter you can mix in a mixer depends on the volume of the mixing bowl and the capacity of the motor. If you frequently make larger batches of dough or batter, investing in a relatively large mixing bowl of 6 litres or more could be a good idea.

Also, look at the stated maximum weight for various types of dough, as this can vary a fair bit between different models and brands. If you don't, you might break the machine too soon by constantly overloading it with overly heavy batches.

Food mixers are available in all price ranges, and some can be quite costly. Factors like the machine's capacity, functions, included accessories, and sometimes the brand, can affect the price. Instead of focusing on a specific brand, consider the unit's features and the capacity you think you'll need for your baking.

Stand mixers tend to be a long-term investment. If possible, it might be worth spending a bit more money to get a machine that'll last you for years. Don't forget to check the warranty period too. Some manufacturers offer a 7-10 year motor warranty – have a look at the manufacturers' websites for the brands you're interested in.

Almost all baking machines come with a whisk, a mixer, and a dough hook. Some machines include even more accessories for making pasta or ice cream, stuffing sausages, and shredding veg.

Figure out which accessories are available and what you need. For example, one that grinds meat will save space if you'd usually need a separate meat grinder, but unnecessary accessories will just take up room in your kitchen cupboards.

If you're not sure about which accessories you need or what they're used for, we've found a guide that explains the uses of the most common accessories.

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