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Dewalt Circular Saws Dewalt DCS391N-XJ Solo
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Dewalt DCS391N-XJ Solo


Circular Saw, 3.2kg

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3 tips for buying a circular saw

Depending on how you intend to use your circular saw, it may be worth considering whether you should buy one with a battery or with a cord.

  • Battery-powered circular saws were known for being less powerful and running out of battery quickly, but newer models now offer comparable power to their corded versions. A battery-powered circular saw allows you to use it anywhere, even without access to a power outlet.

  • If you plan on using your saw for extended periods of time, a corded saw is the way to go. While the power gap between corded and battery-powered saws has decreased, a corded saw will always provide more consistent power for longer durations. This makes it a great option for those who will be using the saw frequently and in the same location.

When it comes to choosing a circular saw, it's worth considering which features can make your experience even better. Here are some top picks to keep an eye out for:

  • Quick stop ensures that the blade stops as soon as you release the trigger, making it safer to use.

  • Integrated lights make it easier to work in dimly lit conditions, and helps you monitor your work.

  • Laser guide projects a beam of light onto your work surface, guiding you along a straight line for more accurate cuts.

When it comes to using a circular saw, it's likely you'll be tackling some heavy-duty work. So choose a saw that feels well balanced and comfortable in your hand. Find out what will be best for you by reading reviews, as well as by trying out different types in-store.

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