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Tefal Ingenio Essential 13-Piece Non-Stick Pan Set with Lids and Bakelite Handle

Tefal Ingenio Essential 13-Piece Non-Stick Pan Set with Lids and Bakelite Handle

These Tefal Ingenio Essential Non-Stick Pans have a revolutionary design that makes cooking and storage so much simpler. The Bakelite handles, which come included, can be clipped on to hold up to 10kg of weight, and then unclipped so you can stack the pans together for easy storage. Highly versatile, you can cook with your pans on the hob, pop them in the oven as oven dishes, place them on the table for serving and keep them in the fridge to store your food for later. Even better, when you take them out of the fridge, you can reheat the contents in the same pans to make life that little bit simpler. As well as the innovative design, the pans feature Tefal's durable non-stick coating which allows for healthier cooking with less oil, and is really easy to clean. What's more, the patented Thermo-Spot technology lets you know when the pan is at the optimum temperature so you achieve the best possible results. Features and Benefits Removable handle for optimum storage - The handle holds up to 10kg and unclips so you can stack it with other pans easily and make more of your space. Versatile - Thanks to the detachable handles, you can use the pans as oven dishes, serving dishes, on the hob, and in the fridge. Long-lasting Resistium non-stick coating - The hard-wearing coating won't be scratched off easily, unlike other non-stick pans. Patented Thermo-Spot technology - Lets you know when the pan has reached the optimum cooking temperature for the best possible results. Easy to clean - No need to scrub - simply wipe down and the food will slide right off. Specifications Material: Aluminium Compatible with all hobs excluding induction Lifetime guarantee on non-stick against blistering and peeling Guarantee: 2 Years (10 years on the handle) Colour: Black What's Included 16cm saucepan 20cm saucepan 22cm frying pan 28cm frying pan 24cm saute pan Steamer insert Glass lids 16/20/24cm Plastic lids 16/20cm 2 x Bakelite handle

£52.69incl. shipping
Robert Dyas
JML Copper Stone Pans: Saucepans (8 pcs)

JML Copper Stone Pans: Saucepans (8 pcs)

6 or 8-piece pan sets in the amazing Copper Stone range of non-stick cookwareCopper Stone Pans have become one of the best-loved non-stick pans in the country and are now used by home cooks all over the world. These great-value sets of saucepans are made with the exact same class-leading non-stick ability as well, of course, as that famous, beautiful Copper Stone look that will make your kitchen shine with the beauty of copper and your cookware work with the strength of stone. In either the six-piece saucepan set or the eight-piece set, these pans are unbeatable in their heat-dispersion, durability, ultra-non-stick surface and their stunning, copper-looking finish that means you can display them with pride and not hide them away in a cupboard or drawer.Three saucepans with vented glass lidsThese incredible saucepans come in 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm sizes. With deep sides and that ultra-non-stick lining, they're perfect for every kind of hob and every kind of food. From slow, simmering sauces to ultra-hot sticky caramels and jams, these pans will take whatever you throw at them and always come up looking good as new! The secure-fitting glass lids have a ventilation hole in to prevent over-boiling, especially when cooking with extra-hot liquids like jams and caramelised sugars that can be dangerous as well as damage your hob. The vent allows excess steam to escape while still holding in enough heat to allow you to simmer, boil and slow-cook whatever you want. The unique Copper Stone, non-stick surface is supported by a forged aluminium core and a stainless-steel base that makes the ultimate, durable pan for perfect heat-distribution and even results with no hot-spots.8pc set with two Copper Stone Pans frying pansIn 24 cm and 28 cm diameters, these are the ultimate frying pans and will easily accommodate enough food for the whole family. Copper Stone Frying Pans are all you need for sauteing, frying, broiling and stir-frying

£109.98incl. shipping
Amazon Marketplace UK
Scoville Neverstick 11-Piece Pan Set

Scoville Neverstick 11-Piece Pan Set

Become a master chef in your home with this Scoville Neverstick 11-Piece Pan Set which takes non-stick cookware to a whole new level. Finished in speckled black, these pans will fit in effortlessly with any existing cookware you may have and will be great for catering to all of your cooking needs. You’ll be well equipped to host a dinner party with all the pans you need including; a casserole pot, stockpot, grill pan, wok, three various sized saucepans and four differently sized frying pans. The stockpot, three saucepans and casserole pot come with a glass lid that lets you easily see what’s inside when you’re cooking and allows you to cook much more quickly with an air vent to let the steam out to prevent over-boiling. These pans are made using an innovative new toughening system for a finish that never peels, never flakes and is 5 times stronger than ordinary non-stick pans so you can really rely on them. This means that not only will these pans last for a lifetime, but you can cook with little or no oil for healthier everyday cooking to serve to your family. Each pan is made of quality 3.5mm forged aluminium for superior heat distribution so that your cooking will be great every day. Even better – you can pop them in the dishwasher once you’re done for a quick and easy clean! Features and Benefits Stay cool handles - Each of these pans comes with a stay-cool handle so that they’re comfortable to hold when you’re cooking and this makes for effortless serving. Great results – Each of these pans is made from quality 3.5mm forged aluminium to give you that superior heat distribution so that you can serve great food to your family. Non-stick – Carry out healthier cooking with this wok where no oil or butter is needed so your family can benefit. Durable – These pans are 5 times stronger than ordinary non-stick pans so you can use them every day when cooking and know that they’ll last with a lifetime guarantee. Easy to clean – Simply pop any of these pans into your d...

£145.91incl. shipping
Robert Dyas
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