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De Buyer Frying Pan

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Mineral B Lyonnaise Frying Pan, 32 cm

Mineral B Lyonnaise Frying Pan, 32 cm

Mineral B Element Lyonnaise Frying Pan from De Buyer. A frying pan that belongs to the Mineral B Elements series containing carbon steel products, which is an environmentally friendly and high quality material with a long service life. Instead of teflon or ceramic coating, the pan has a protected surface with beeswax that allows cooking at high temperatures and in oven up to 200 ° C. The pan works on all heat sources, including induction stove.Maintenance Carbon steel panNever use the induction hobs booster function with carbon steel. The diameter of the hob should fit the size of the pan. Induction is a powerful heat source and it is, therefore, essential to heat the carbon steel pan gradually on the induction hob to prevent the base from deforming. Especially important for pans larger than 26 cm in diameter. Keep in mind to also lower the heat gradually when you're at the end of the cooking process.

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Royal Design UK
Hanna Vesterberg·Category manager Cookware
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