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Concrete Floor Paint, Mid Grey, 5 litres

Concrete Floor Paint, Mid Grey, 5 litres

The best value concrete floor paint, which will improve the look of worn-out floors. floorsaver Concrete Floor Paint is easy to use, hard-wearing, and gives you a floor to be proud of. It's easy to clean, stands up to oil and grease, and lasts for years. Use in workshops, factories and warehouses on concrete, wood, stone and cement. floorsaver Concrete Floor Paint dustproofs, seals and protects internal concrete floors. Apply to bare concrete or existing well-bonded paint. You'll probably need two coats, which dry to a smart glossy finish, but you may get away with one if painting over a similar colour. Covers up to 40m² per coat, 2.5L covers up to 20m² per coat. Touch dry in 10 hours, light foot traffic in 24 hours. Recoat after 16 hours, full use -36 hours. (though check to ensure the paint has fully cured before bringing back to full use). Choose from some classic colours. Please note: If you plan to park a car on the garage floor, please don't use this paint. You need something tougher to resist hot tyre marks, and our floorsaver Epoxy Floor Paint does the business.

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Water Based Epoxy Floor Paint (two-part) 2.5 litres, Black Blue Green Grey Red White Yellow (Grey)

Water Based Epoxy Floor Paint (two-part) 2.5 litres, Black Blue Green Grey Red White Yellow (Grey)

NVP's two part water based epoxy floor paint (available with or without an anti-slip additive) is a premium quality two part, water based high resin content epoxy floor coating for all applications where a high durability paint that is resistant to oil, grease and most chemicals is required. It is easy to apply with a standard roller or brush and has the added advantage of very low odour during application and curing. Once fully cured you are left with a very tough, non-toxic, waterproof and easy to clean surface. The colours shown are intended only as a guide and will depend on how they are viewed or printed out. Note: We recommend applying a minimum of 2 coats and because of the pot life of 1-2 hours you will require a separate tin for each coat. As with all water based products the minimum application temperature is 10°C.

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