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Kitchen Taps Quooker Fusion Round Inkl PRO3-B (Q210850102+Q111290202) Chrome

Quooker Fusion Round Inkl PRO3-B (Q210850102+Q111290202) Chrome

Boiling Water Kitchen Tap

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Kitchen Taps Rangemaster Aquaclassic 2 (TAC2CM) Chrome

Rangemaster Aquaclassic 2 (TAC2CM) Chrome

Kitchen Tap

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Three tips for buying a kitchen mixer tap

It is important that your mixer tap can withstand the water pressure. Make sure it can withstand a pressure of 10 bar, otherwise it will begin to leak over time. Look for the fork symbol that is located on all taps that have an approved water pressure, and do not release lead into the water. It is also important that the mixer tap has the same dimensions as the mixer plate, pipes, and couplings. The standard in UK is 150 cc.

Of course the mixer tap is an important interior design detail, but it can also make your moments in the kitchen easier. Here are some great features to go for:

  • An eco-friendly kitchen mixer tap saves water, often through an eco-saving function that reduces the flow without reducing pressure.

  • A mixer tap with a sensor starts when you hold your hand in front of it. It’s a feature that makes it easier for you to avoid touching the tap with sticky hands, and you can often choose for yourself how long the water should flow

  • A scalding protector prevents the tap from turning on when it is in the hottest mode, which can save a curious baby's fingers from getting burned.

Make sure you measure carefully before ordering the mixer tap, so you know that you can fit pots, sieves, and maybe even buckets under the tap if necessary. Also check how high the tap can be, so that it does not touch the cabinets.

Are you about to redo your entire kitchen? Have a look at these tips when planning the kitchen of your dreams.

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