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Hot Tub Canadian Spa Manitoba 4 Person Hot Tub

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Three tips when buying a spa

Forget all about wobbly paddling pools – an inflatable spa is very nearly as stable as a standard bathtub, thanks to its sturdy double-walled construction. It’s also much easier to stow away than a rigid spa when not in use, and the price tag is considerably lower. The downside? It may not feel quite as luxurious. Here’s a good guide to inflatable spas if you’d like to know more.

Some suppliers don’t include anything apart from the spa itself, while others may include a ladder for easier entry and exit, or a lid to keep heat in and dirt out. So make sure to double-check what’s included in the total cost when comparing different spas.

There are many ways to add a touch of luxury once your spa is in place. Here are a few accessories that really enhance your spa experience.

  • Bubble function. There are a number of brands that have become synonymous with their products, and Jacuzzi is one of them. A genuine Jacuzzi may be out of your price range, but you can get the same hydrotherapy benefits from a more affordable spa with bubble massage system.

  • Airjet massage feature. Like bubbles but even better. Airjets enhance your spa experience to the max.

Decorate like a real spa. Making it nice and cosy around the spa’s location also enhances its exclusive feel. Get inspired from these amazing hot tub set-ups.


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