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How to pick a front loading washing machine

Front loading washing machines are popular choices for a wide range of households, and have become synonymous with laundry rooms worldwide.

These models tend to be smaller than top-loading models, and the added advantage of being able to see the washing spinning through the front is an attractive prospect for many people. However there are certain things to keep in mind when selecting one.

Consider how long the cycle length is, as this will determine how much you’ll be able to wash in a single day. Find out what the product’s typical water usage is, and compare this with other available models.

An advantage of front loading washing machines is that they tend to create less noise than their top-loading counterparts – however this will still vary depending on the model, so if this is an important factor it can be useful to hear the washing machine in operation before you purchase it.

Finally, consider whether an extended warranty is available with your model, as this can save money with repairs and ultimately be cost-effective solutions.

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