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Three tips before buying downhill boots

A common mistake is to buy oversized boots as many people think that, just like with shoes, a slightly larger boot is more comfortable. The problem when a boot is too large is that you often need to compensate by tightening the boots more, which often results in incorrect fixing of the foot.

The first step in finding the right size boot is to measure your feet. For fully-grown feet, there is a basic rule that says that the boot should be the same length as your foot, and maximum half a centimetre longer. Although there are guidelines, it is of course also a matter of taste. For beginners it can sometimes feel good to have slightly roomier boots, while an experienced skier may appreciate tighter boots.

Length: The toes should touch the front edge of the boot, but you should not have to bend your toes.

Height: The foot should be in contact with the sides of the boot, but should not be compressed. The little toe should be level with the rest of the toes.

Heel: The heel should be as fixed as possible. On some more advanced boots, there are heel grip cushions, which may cause you to experience pressure around the Achilles tendon. This will disappear after a few days of use.

The calf: The boot should fit snugly around your calf without being so tight that it stops the blood flow– but not so loose that the leg can move around in the boot.

All boots are measured in flex index, which is a scale from 60-150. The flex index tells you how stiff your ski boots are, and which flex you should choose based on your weight and how good of a skier you are. We recommend stiff boots for heavier skiers, as well as for skilled skiers.

  • Beginner: Flex Index 60–70 for women and 60–90 for men.
  • Medium level: Flexindex 70–90 for women and 90–110 for men.
  • Advanced: Minimum flex index of 90 for women, and a minimum of 110 for men.
  • Competive skiers: Flex Index 140-150.

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