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Many activity trackers are compatible with your smartphone, so you can receive notifications and messages. Do you want such a model?
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When we tested various fitness trackers, we found out how often one tends to put down their phone. If you want to actively count steps, you have to have the phone on you at all times. From this point of view, a fitness tracker can help you keep track of how much you walk during the day, as it can be worn all the time.

Amongst other things, a fitness tracker can typically help you to measure and monitor your sleep quality, exercise pace, heart rate, and calorie intake.

A heart rate monitor generally has more features compared to a fitness tracker. Think of the fitness tracker as a basic first introduction, and consider the heart rate monitor if you’re a more serious enthusiast. A heart rate monitor typically includes a GPS and various features aimed at running, cycling, swimming, and more. A fitness tracker typically only has a pedometer and heart rate monitor with a pairing of relevant apps.

If you are already the type who craves an Apple Watch or other smartwatches, then you should not buy a fitness tracker. The tracker is obviously cheaper, but a smartwatch can do all the same things, with hundreds of additional features. This is primarily where the difference lies.

A bit like heart rate monitors, fitness trackers are the first step for beginners, whereas a smartwatch would be going one step further for keener enthusiasts.

Three tips for buying activity tracker

Sometimes a little peer pressure can be a good thing and an activity band is the perfect example. Whether it's your colleagues, neighbours, or group of friends, getting the same brand of heart rate watch or activity wristband as them allows for friendly comparison and challenges to boost motivation. Keep in mind that different manufacturers may not always have compatibility with one another.

  • Discrete bands often mimic the look of an analogue watch or a jewellery-like bracelet and often have a simple screen or no screen at all, requiring you to access data through an app.
  • Classic activity wristbands, while not necessarily the most aesthetically pleasing, offer maximum functionality, particularly if you plan on wearing it while swimming or participating in sports. These bands, usually made of black rubber (but also available in other colours), are a practical choice.

They do more than just track your steps. You've got a bunch of tools to monitor your overall health and well-being. Keep tabs on your sleep and check your stress levels. Make use of the data by learning which metrics you should pay extra attention to. Here’s an article from Men’s Health to get you started. You can also track all sorts of workouts with your band - like running, yoga, and strength training. Just make sure your favourite sport is included in the available training modes.