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Electric Start Snow Blowers

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Electric Start Snow Blowers Banner Autobatterie 88ah starting bull 58820 12v 680a 588 20 starterbatterie

Banner Autobatterie 88ah starting bull 58820 12v 680a 588 20 starterbatterie

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Electric Start Snow Blowers Husqvarna ST 224

Husqvarna ST 224


Petrol Snow Blower, 2-Stage, 4.4kW, Headlight, Intake Width: 61 cm

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Three tips when buying a snow blower

Single-stage blower – These are small, compact models that do not process the snow before it's thrown, and therefore do not throw the snow far. Neither do they have the capacity to cope with large amounts of snow or heavy snow. It's therefore suitable for people who want to clear their driveway, who will use it regularly and who live in areas with little snowfall. There are plenty of good battery options for single-stage models if it's important that your tools are not petrol-powered.

Two- or three-stage blower – These are significantly more powerful and process the snow in one or two stages before blowing it out, which means that they can take larger amounts of snow and withstand very heavy loads. They also throw the snow further away. Here the petrol versions dominate because they offer more power. They are also better on rough terrain than single-stage models.

A major advantage of having a snow blower is that it spares your back, unlike manual snow clearing. If you have a particularly sensitive back, you can also consider taking comfort to a new level by investing in functions such as electric start and power steering.

When the snow piles up outside your window, it’s nice to have a snow blower, but it can simply get in the way during the rest of the year. It's therefore important to prioritise storage, not least because good, safe storage is crucial for the service life of the snow blower. So consider how much space you can spare for storage and how light and compact the blower is.



The snow thrower is powered by an engine and collects snow, which it then hurls away a couple of meters. This way, for example, you can easily move the snow from the road to the side of the road.

Snow throwers have different fuels, and for example, there are fuel-powered, battery-powered and those used with electric cords. In addition to that, the thrower can also be of the model one-step, two-stage or three-step. The difference between these is that a single-stage thrower does not loosen up the snow before throwing it away, and the screw on the inside is also the one that gives speed to the snow through the draft, which makes it a little weaker. The two-stage thrower is more powerful when it first takes in the snow, then loosens it up to make it easier to hurl, and then throws it out.

There are different techniques, and types of snow throwers, and which model is best depends on where in the country you live. If you live where it is very cold for example, there is often a lot of snow, but usually, powder snow that is light and airy.

In other areas it snows less often, and when snow arrives, it is often wet and heavy. The type of snow thrower you should buy also depends on how often you have to hurl, how thick the drives are and how packed the snow is.