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Four-Wheel Drive Ride-On Lawn Mowers Husqvarna R 216T AWD Without Cutter Deck

Husqvarna R 216T AWD Without Cutter Deck

Petrol, Hydrostatic, Front Mower



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Three tips before buying ride-on mowers

Finding the correct type of ride-on mower for your garden will usually depend on the engine’s location.

  • Rear engine: Motors at the back are typically less powerful and suitable for mowing areas smaller than one hectare. Yet these models, such as riders and front rotors, are often better at manoeuvring and ideal for narrower areas and more precise mowing.

  • Front engine: Having the engine at the front, like on garden tractors, equals more power. These are better equipped for large areas and handling rougher terrain.

The zero-turn design allows for a very tight turning radius. It’s advantageous if you want to manoeuvre and mow smoothly around different obstacles in your garden. Still, it can create problems if your garden has height differences, as they tend to turn too narrowly on hills.

  • Catcher: Leaves the lawn neat and clean, preventing weeds from spreading and causing allergic reactions from the newly cut grass.

  • Mulching: Great if you frequently mow, especially in dry seasons, as the grass is left to fertilise the lawn.

  • Side discharge: Useful if you don't mow often and your grass is rougher and longer than usual.

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