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Deltaco Gaming Chairs Deltaco GAM-096 Gaming Chair - White

Deltaco GAM-096 Gaming Chair - White

White, Headrest Cushion, Lumbar Cushion, Rocking Function, Adjustable Backrest, Adjustable Seat Height, Adjustable Armrest, PU leather, Aluminium


Three tips for buying a gaming chair

Gaming chairs are often made of leather – either real or artificial leather – or fabric. The materials have slightly different pros and cons. Leather, for example, often costs a little more, but it will last a long time if you take good care of it. On the other hand, it can easily feel sticky if you get hot. If you want a gaming chair that breathes and stays cool, you should choose a fabric one.

Many of us like to crawl up in the chair, with one leg up, under the other leg, or with our legs crossed. If you know you do this, you should choose a chair that gives you space to sit like this. Many chairs have a raised edge on the sides of the seat, which makes it difficult to sit in any other position than upright with your legs down. So instead choose a chair with as flat a seat as possible.

Having a comfortable gaming chair is everything – because you don't want back pain when you’re having the most fun. We recommend that you choose a chair that you can adjust in different ways:

  • An adjustable backrest, where you can adjust the angle, allows you to sit extra comfortably. It should, for example, be possible to fold it down so that you can half lie down – something that is comfortable when playing on a tablet or watching a movie.
  • Adjustable armrests and lumbar support that can be adjusted exactly as you need to get the best possible relief for your arms are worth their weight in gold, both when gaming and when working at a computer. 3D armrests and 4D armrests can be adjusted up, down, and sideways.

Read more at PCgamer to get tips on how to be an ergonomic gamer (hence a gamer without backpains).