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Electric Bikes Giant E-Hybrid Bike - Roam E+ GTS 25km/h - Black Men's Bike

Giant E-Hybrid Bike - Roam E+ GTS 25km/h - Black Men's Bike

E-City Bike, E-Hybrid Bike

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An electric bike acts like a regular bike, except that they have a battery that helps drive the bike forward. You can compare the electric bike with an electric scooter, and the only difference is that the electric bike can also be used as a regular bike because it has pedals. However, some electric bikes are very heavy to pedal when the electric drive is off, which can be good to consider when buying an electric bike.

Yes, there is. The advantage of this is that you can bike long distances without worrying about running out of battery or that you have to pause the bike ride to find a charging point.

It depends a lot on how the bike is supposed to be used. Are you going to bike long distances on country roads? Short distances in urban traffic? Do you want to be able to bring home grocery bags, packages or maybe bring a toddler on the bike? There are many factors that come into play when it comes to assessing which electric bike is best for you.

Three important points to consider when choosing an electric bike:

  1. Charging time: Charging time is important because it determines when you can use your bike again after a bike ride. Of course, you want it to be as fast as possible to recharge your electric bike.
  2. Comfort: This point is also very important as you want to be able to use the bike for both short and long distances without the seat chafing or hurting. The electric bike has an advantage in that you can bike long distances. And the longer you spend on your bike, the more important comfort and ergonomics are.
  3. Battery: The size of the battery affects how far you can bike and how often you have to charge the electric bike. If you are going to bike long distances, it is important to have a large battery. The quality of the battery is also important, as you want a battery that keeps power for many years to come.

3 tips for buying an electric bike

Are you looking for an effortless ride or do you crave that authentic cycling experience, even with an electric motor? The engine's positioning is what affects the feel of your ride the most.

  • You can go for a rear or front hub engine positioned near the bike's wheels, making it an affordable option. You'll feel a pull or push sensation when the engine kicks in. And it can be quite slow when the battery runs low.

  • A central engine will give you the most authentic cycling experience, as it responds to your pedalling. This is a bit more expensive solution, but it also feels easier to cycle when the engine is turned off.

Choose a model with good torque – it indicates a stronger engine. This can come in handy when pulling a children's bicycle trailer, for example.

Check out how you'll charge your battery before purchasing. Is it attached to your bike or easy to remove for charging? Also, determine if the connection is a different solution, which might require an extra charger or a standard one.

The charging process can be a hassle if you're not prepared. So check the different options available for an easy and seamless charging experience.

Thinking ahead, what happens when your bike's warranty expires and you need to replace the battery? Will there be a spare parts available to buy? Don't forget to factor in not just the battery, but also other potential spare parts when choosing an electric bike. So save yourself the hassle and consider spending a little more to buy from established manufacturers.

To stay safe on your electric bike in the UK, here are some important rules to follow.