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Do you want support for mobile internet (for example if you have a caravan) or do you need a router for a fixed connection?
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Three tips for buying a router

Although many routers look like a high-tech spider with all their antennas, the best tip for better Wi-Fi is to find a central spot to place the router.

There are routers with hidden antennas that don't stand out too much from your interior design, because the worst thing you can do with a router is to place it in a wardrobe on one end of your home.

A location that is as central and open as possible can actually make an existing router feel like new.

New Wi-Fi technologies emerge every few years. At the time of writing, Wi-Fi 6e is the most recent. Every new Wi-Fi standard obviously brings improvements, but you don't have to buy the latest technology.

  • The most recent one is usually also the most expensive. Routers with the latest technology can be twice as expensive as a sister model with a previous version of technology.

  • At the same time, very few devices in your home will benefit from the new technology. To get full speed and coverage, your phone, computer, smart speakers, TV, and the like must also support the technology. This is very rarely the case, so you will have few devices that can actually utilise all the capacity.

Wi-Fi has become really fast and stable over the years that it has existed. But wireless space is cramped, which can lead to slowness. Connect a cable to places that contain many devices, such as your TV stand. Then buy a cheap switch and a few shorter network cables, and run the units via a cable. This will make all parts of your network more efficient.

Want to check how fast (or slow) your broadband connection is? This page let you get the numbers.

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