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Integrated Tumble Dryers Candy CBTDH7A1TE White

Candy CBTDH7A1TE White

Condenser Tumble Dryer, 60 cm, 7 kg, Energy Efficient A+



Like a washing machine, a tumble dryer has a rotating drum. The drying occurs by spinning the wet laundry whilst blowing hot air into the drum. There are generally three different types of tumble dryers: condenser tumble dryer, vented tumble dryer, and heat pump tumble dryer.

The vented tumble dryer is connected to the ventilation and has a debris filter.

Condenser tumble dryers are slightly cheaper and also work without ventilation. Heat pump tumble dryers are a type of vented tumble dryer that recycles the heat by releasing it into the air.

The temperature of an average tumble dryer is around 70 degrees. It’s possible to tumble dry at lower temperatures, but, of course, the drying effect won’t be as good, and it takes longer before the laundry fully dries. Heat pump tumble dryers work at a slightly lower temperature than other tumble dryers.

After washing the laundry in a washing machine, it’s placed in the tumble dryer. You then choose a programme and start the machine. The clothes should be sorted by the temperature that’s recommended for the garment, and you should preferably not dry thick and heavy clothes with thinner items if you wish to achieve an optimal drying effect.


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