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LG LED TVs price comparison



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Get a cheap LG TV

They may not be the first brand that springs to mind when it comes to home entertainment, but LG TVs are good-looking and reliable machines. An LG TV may look like something from the future, but most models are easy to use and – unlike some other brands – won’t cost you the Earth.

The smaller, 26 inch TV models from LG start at the £150 mark, while the high-end models at around 47 inches will set you back between £800 and £1,000. When it comes to LG smart TV models, prices go up a little more but you get a range of apps and features for your money. This includes web connectivity, games and catch-up TV services.

LG TVs may not be the most fashionable TV brand on the market, but with a look and feel that belies their reasonable asking price, these models are well worth considering.

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