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60cm Extractor Fans

Wall Mounted Extractor Fan
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60cm Extractor Fans Siemens LC67QFM50B 60cm, Stainless Steel

Siemens LC67QFM50B 60cm, Stainless Steel

Wall Mounted Extractor Fan

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3 tips for buying an extractor fan

There are different ways to mount the extractor fan. Your choice should depend on the design of your kitchen, as well as the type of stove you have. The fan should be approximately 4in/10cm wider than your stove for optimal performance.

  • A wall-mounted extractor fan is a great option as it can be installed directly on the wall where the exhaust duct is located. You can choose between an angled or a classic T-shaped design, with the angled version taking up less space but being less effective. This type of fan doesn't need to be hidden away in a cupboard, and can actually add to the stylish look of your kitchen.

  • A free-hanging extractor fan is perfect for a stove located in the middle of your kitchen, such as an island. The fan is visible and can be matched to the rest of your interior. This type of fan has a larger capacity than the wall-mounted option and can capture all food odours effectively.

  • A built-in extractor fan is placed under a cabinet and is virtually invisible. It’s a good choice for smaller kitchens, as it takes up little space and you can store things above it. The extendable variant is a popular option, giving you extra flexibility.

  • A countertop fan is a good option if you don't want the fan to be visible when not in use. It can be mounted beside or behind your stove and is simply unfolded when needed. This model takes up a lot of space under the counter and requires all hotplates to be in a row close to the fan for optimal performance.

  • A ceiling-mounted extractor fan is built into the ceiling and is very discreet. Its suction surface is the only visible part, making it an ideal choice if you don't want the fan to get in the way. Just make sure not to install it too high, as this will reduce its effectiveness.

If you've got an open-plan living area, choosing a quiet extractor fan is essential to keep things peaceful. The best options have a sound level between 30 dB and 55 dB, depending on how powerful the fan is.The location of the motor also plays a role. An external motor, mounted in the attic, on the roof, or in the outer wall, is generally quieter than an internal motor.

Choose an extractor fan that can actually clean the air. This is especially important if you enjoy preparing spicy dishes, frying bacon, or cooking fish. To find out what capacity your extractor fan needs, simply adjust the volume of your kitchen (width x length x height) by 10.

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