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Much like the name suggests, a desktop PC is a PC that is typically found on your desktop. A desktop PC consists of a cabinet or tower, which houses the PC’s hardware. Because the PC itself ‘only’ consists of the hardware, things like a mouse, monitor, and keyboard need to be purchased separately.

The advantage of a stationary computer is largely that you get a lot of power for your money, as well as the ability to customize the hardware and easily upgrade it.

Desktop PC’s are excellent for people who game or do heavy, graphical and video work.

The price of a stationary computer is 100 % determined by the hardware inside the tower and whether or not it’s pre-built. Not that many years ago, a pre-built PC could easily cost you £2,000, but today you can actually get a pretty decent gaming PC for £800

Overall, the price of a modern, high-end desktop PC is completely up to you and your budget. £750? £1,500? £4,000? Almost no matter what, you can find a PC that will fit that budget and correspond to the price you pay.

A very popular and impossible question to answer. If you’re not interested in building the PC yourself, you should of course buy a pre-built one.

However, what you really need to consider is how much power you need, and here, we will always recommend you future-proof the PC a bit. Ensure the components in the PC are more powerful than what you actually need. That way, you won’t have to upgrade it when the next AAA game hits or when your 3D-rendering program gets a massive upgrade.

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