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Tablets Apple iPad 10.9" 64GB (2022)
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Apple iPad 10.9" 64GB (2022)


10.9", Apple iPadOS

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Three tips when buying a tablet

Does the tablet's name contain “kids” and does it have a colourful shell? Don't buy it. It may seem like a good idea, but any such tablet is generally an overpriced, obsolete model with poor performance. Need a tablet for a child? Let your child inherit an old tablet or buy a good tablet and customise it for children, either with Family Link and Kids Space for Android, or screen time for iPad.

If you choose an iPad we've found a guide for you how to keep your kid more protected online.

Knowing how long a tablet will be updated may not be exciting, but is a good indicator of how sensible the tablet is.

Android tablets have been without updates for a long time, but in recent years they have become better and better, allowing you to keep them for a long time. Updates for iPads, on the other hand, are rarely a concern.

  • Do you want to draw and sketch on the tablet? Make sure the model you're looking at has pen support and have a look at what it costs (because it's almost always sold separately).

  • The same applies if you want a keyboard case. It's always good to have some kind of protection, so check what cases and screen protectors are available for the model you have in mind, before buying.

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