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Salter 1036

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A kitchen scale – sometimes also called a household scale – is used for two different things: To find out what the food you intend to eat weighs or to weigh ingredients when cooking or baking. A kitchen scale is a relatively small scale that can either be flat or equipped with a fixed bowl.

If you are going to measure one single thing, the procedure is very simple: Reset the scale and place what should be weighed on it. If you want to weigh several things – for example, a bowl of yoghurt, muesli and berries – and want to know what each of the things weighs, then it is easiest to pour in one ingredient, note the weight, reset the scale again and pour in the next. This way, you can refill the same container and still find out what the different ingredients weigh.

For starters, the design differs. Some scales are flat, while others come with a bowl on top. A flat scale is, of course, preferable if you are going to place plates or bowls on it. There are scales with analogue meters and scales with digital meters.

Three tips for buying a kitchen scale

Modern kitchen scales often come with various additional features. Here are a few that are good to have:

  • A tare function, i.e. the possibility of resetting the scale, which allows you to easily weigh several different ingredients in one bowl. It also helps if you want to know what something weighs without the bowl's weight being included.
  • The ability to switch between different weight units makes it easier if, for example, you are using recipes created for the metric system. This prevents you from having to recalculate the weight in your head.
  • A scale with an app helps you log your food and its nutritional value.

Some scales also come with a bowl, and some of those models can measure the temperature of what you put in the bowl.

Many scales require batteries. With a solar-powered scale, you avoid using batteries – and it’s an environmentally friendly choice. However, if you choose a battery-powered device, we recommend that you choose one with an automatic switch-off to avoid accidentally forgetting to switch off the scale and thus using up the battery.

A wall-mounted kitchen scale takes up minimal space when not in use, as you just fold it up when you are done. Foldable versions are also available. These are perfect for small kitchens, such as in the kitchen corner of a student apartment.

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