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Ice Cream Makers Ninja NC300
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Ninja NC300

Ice Cream Maker, 0.47 L, Dishwashable Parts, Display, Requires Freezer, Removable Bowl



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Three tips for buying an ice cream maker

Ice cream makers with built in compressors is self-freezing, which means you don't have to freeze anything in advance. Other machines have a bowl that you must freeze before use, often for a full 24 hours. Choosing a self-freezing machine saves time and space in the freezer, but on the other hand they often cost a little more.

If you prefer a budget-friendly version, or if you have a small freezer with limited space, we recommend choosing an ice cream maker with a separate ice block.

  • The production time varies depending on which machine you choose. The quick variants can serve freshly made ice cream in twenty minutes, while others can take hours.

  • Many of them also have different modes, so you can try out different kinds of ice cream.

  • One often appreciated detail is that the machine can keep the ice cream frozen afterwards, so that it doesn't melt before you’ve had time to eat it.

Think about how big of an ice cream maker you need. It should be able to make enough ice cream, and fit on your countertop or in the kitchen cupboard when you’re not using it. Here are some rules of thumb for which size may be suitable:

1 litre is just right for a pair of ice cream eaters. 1.5 litres is suitable for a larger family. 2 litres and up are suitable for birthday parties.

Looking for inspiration? We've found a recipe of what claims to be the ultimate vanilla ice cream. Try it!

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