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Facial Masks CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask

CurrentBody Skin LED Light Therapy Face Mask

LED Face Mask, Regenerating, Anti-Age

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3 tips when shopping for a facial mask

Face masks are popular in the beauty world right now. But before you purchase one, think about what type of mask is best for your skin. Different masks offer various benefits, so choose one that suits your skin type:

  • Moisturising masks are ideal if you're in need of a quick hydration boost. These masks typically contain ingredients like ceramides, glycerol, and hyaluronic acid that instantly plump up the skin. As a result, your skin looks less dry and wrinkles appear less noticeable.

  • Exfoliating masks are perfect for dull skin. They work by removing dead skin cells, revealing fresh, radiant skin underneath in no time.

  • Cleansing masks that contain clay are best for deep cleanse. These masks are designed to purify the skin and control oiliness, and some can even help reduce pore size.

Before you order a face mask, read the instructions first. If you're shopping online, you can usually find this info on the product page.

Some masks are designed to be used for just a quick 90 seconds, perfect for when you're in a hurry. Others can take 20 minutes or an overnight application for maximum results. So go for a mask that fits your schedule and skincare routine.

Forget the mess, overnight masks are the real deal for amazing results. These cream-based masks are applied just like your regular night cream, and they're packed with moisturising ingredients. When you wake up in the morning after you've used one, your skin will feel hydrated and soft.

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