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bareMinerals bareSkin Foundation & Perfecting Face Brush Duo -...

bareMinerals bareSkin Foundation & Perfecting Face Brush Duo -...

Find Your Perfect Shade! bareMinerals bareSkin Pure Brightening Serum Foundation & Perfecting Face Brush Duo is all you need for complexion perfection! bareMinerals bareSkin Foundation SPF20 - Bare Maple is ideal for dark/deep skin and is a golden-toned shade. Ultra-thin, silky texture - one to two weightless fluid drops transform, soften and smooth the appearance of your complexion. Non-chemical SPF 20. bareMinerals Perfecting Face Brush is their exclusive brush expertly designed with a unique fluid reservoir that allows you to adjust your coverage with each weightless drop. The Results: 95% of women experienced a measurable improvement in the appearance of dark spots.* 100% of women say they experience more even-toned skin immediately after application.* *Based on an independent U.S. clinical study of 94 women after 8 weeks of use. 1-2 Drops = Sheer Coverage 3-4 Drops = Medium Coverage 5-6 Drops = Full Coverage For the perfect finish, follow with bareMinerals bareSkin Perfecting Veil - Tan to Dark. Ingredients Titanium dioxide 11.0%, caprylic/capric triglyceride, coconut alkanes, silica, stearalkonium, hectorite, lecithin, glycerin, maltodextrin, coco-caprylate/caprate, jojoba esters, propylene carbonate, tocopheryl acetate, soil minerals/syringa vulgaris (lilac) leaf cell culture extract, magnesium ascorbyl phosphate, sodium hyaluronate, phenoxyethanol, mica, iron oxides


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Nair Facial Brush On

Nair Facial Brush On

remove unwanted facial hair in minutes. With a unique brush applicator for precise and easy use, you simply brush on and rinse off to leave skin beautifully smooth. for hair that is especially coarse or hard to remove, soak the hair with warm water for several minutes before application, pat dry and then apply cream. Preparation Carefully fill a cup or glass with just boiled water. Put the tube of wax, cap downwards, into the water for 2-3 minutes. NOTE: Do not submerge completely. Leave the end of the tube exposed to allow safe removal from the water. Do not exceed 3 minutes. Remove the tube from water and dry well. Remove the cap and screw on the roll-on applicator (keep the cap for storage between uses). Squeeze the tube to get the wax flowing, and roll the applicator over the back of the hand to test the wax temperature. If the wax does not come out easily, replace the cap on the tube and put it back into the hot water for 1 minute. Make sure that water does not get into the tube, as it will make the wax less effective. Hair Removal Before each use, always do a patch test. Apply a test sample to a small area where the product will be used, following the instructions. Wait 24 hours before applying the product to a larger area. A slight reddening of the skin is normal for several hours after waxing. In cases of more extreme reactions, discontinue use immediately and do not proceed with the full treatment. If skin appears normal, proceed. Cleanse the area from which you wish to remove hair using soap and/or warm water and then dry thoroughly. The hair removal area must be dry and free from any traces of cream or cosmetics. Roll the applicator over the area to be treated, in the direction of hair growth. Place a cloth strip on the wax, pressing well, leaving approx. 1cm at the end to make it easier to remove. Hold the skin taut with the other hand and then pull off rapidly in the opposite direction, parallel to the skin. Each strip can be used several times. Tips...


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