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Lip Balms

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Are there any specific needs you want the lip balm to take care of, or are you just looking for one that has a moisturising effect?
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Lip Balms Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupaçu Lip Butter 6.2g

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupaçu Lip Butter 6.2g


Lip balm, Anti-Pollution, Exfoliating, Calming, Glow, Softening, Regenerating, Nourishing, Smoothing, Moisturising, Scented, Dermatologically Tested, Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Antioxidants, AHA Acid, Vitamin C, BHA Acid, Collagen, Aloe Vera, Shea Butter

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Three tips for buying lip balm

Lips have thin skin that’s exposed to weather, wind, and saliva all day long – make sure to protect them from the sun. There is a wide range of lip balms that contain SPF 10-15, which provides an easy way to reduce your lips' exposure to the sun’s rays. As with normal sunscreens, you of course need to top up the cover at regular intervals to keep the level of protection equal to what is promised on the packaging.

Do you feel that lip balm never hydrates your lips as much as you hoped with it would? Try applying a lip mask. A lip mask often resembles a lip balm, but is thicker and richer. It contains more oils and is usually applied before going to bed, so it can remain on your lips overnight. Lip masks can usually be used as a regular lip balm, too, if you like this thicker and richer texture.

Do you like to apply lip balm with your fingers, or does the mess drive you crazy? Remember to choose the packaging according to your preferences.

  • Sticks: Lip balm as a stick is the most classic option, and is often referred to as chap-stick. These are practical to carry in your trouser pocket or jacket, and don't smudge when applied (but don't forget it in your pocket when it’s time to wash your clothes).

  • Tube: Lip balm in a tube is creamier. Often it has some type of applicator. If it doesn't have an applicator, you have to press out a little on your finger and apply. If you don't like mess, make sure you buy one with an applicator.

  • Jar: Even though many jars of lip balm come with a small spatula for application, you will still end up putting your finger in the jar. If you want a guaranteed mess-free product, you should skip lip balm in a jar.

Tried everything, but still have sore and dry lips? NHS has gathered some tips for you how to prevent dry lips.