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  1. La Prairie Skincare price comparison

La Prairie Skincare price comparison

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La Prairie Crystal Micellar Water Eyes - Face, 150ml

La Prairie Crystal Micellar Water Eyes - Face, 150ml

Pure. Clean. For immaculate skin in a single gesture. With Swiss glacier water. Crystal Micellar Water Eyes - Face is an essential, one-gesture cleansing ritual that combines Liquid Crystal technology with the indulgence of pure, clear Swiss glacier water to leave skin perfectly pristine. While the demands of the day can sometimes mean less time for a full cleansing ritual, removing makeup, pollutants and other impurities remains essential for maintaining youthful, clean skin. Crystal Micellar Water Eyes - Face is a gentle yet effective cleansing micellar water that attracts makeup and other impurities and binds to them so they can then be swept away, all without drying out the skin. Crystal Micellar Water Eyes - Face is formulated using glacier water, the result of centuries-worth of pure mountain snow freezing into ice, only to be enriched with minerals as it melts and seeps slowly through layers of granite. Enhanced with soothing ingredients, Crystal Micellar Water Eyes ∙ Face is further augmented with La Prairie's Exclusive Cellular Complex, which infuses the skin with energy and helps stimulate skin's natural renewal process. A perfect complexion begins with perfectly clean skin. Purified, detoxified, moisturised skin is the clear canvas on which the very art of beauty rests. Benefits: Removes all impurities and makeup, without the use of water Protects skin with a rich fusion of antioxidants Leaves the skin clean, refreshed and soothed for a hydrated and healthy-looking complexion How to apply: As the very first step in the cleansing ritual, the soft water-based formula glides over the skin for a refreshing, comforting experience. The skin is left feeling refreshed, smooth and hydrated, ready for the skincare ritual to follow. Use morning and evening. Dispense onto a cotton pad and gently press over one eye. Wait for a few seconds to allow the formula to begin dissolving eye makeup, then gently sweep the cotton pad from inner to outer corner. Repeat on othe...


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