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Dell Laptops price comparison



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Choosing a cheap Dell laptop

Dell laptops are great alternatives to desktop models, due to their smaller size and easier mobility.

Although these can’t be upgraded as easily as traditional desktop models, they’ve become extremely popular solutions for completing work on-the-go or watching video content while travelling. A laptop will cost a little more than its desktop equivalent, but picking the best model involves asking similar questions.

Dell has a fantastic collection of laptops for all needs, so it’s an excellent brand to rely on when considering which computer suits you best. Choosing a model with a strong warranty will save money in the long-run, as laptops are particularly prone to being dropped and broken, making a long warranty extremely valuable.

Even though an extended service agreement costs more (often between £50-75 for three years), these should always be considered to ultimately get the best price.

It’s important to consider the laptop’s screen size – while larger screens are excellent if you plan to use the laptop to watch films or create video content, smaller screens enable a level of mobility which is useful when desk space is at a premium.

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