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Lenovo Laptops price comparison



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Best deals on Lenovo laptops

Lenovo has three main categories of laptop: ‘Thinkpad’, ‘Ideapad’ and ‘Essential’. While the Essential models are Lenovo’s cheapest entry, your computing requirements may make it necessary to invest in the company’s more expensive models.

If screen size is an important issue, the company offers models 11-17 inches wide, although larger screens will typically cost more and be more difficult to transport.

It’s useful to consider whether your laptop has a built-in webcam, as this can be extremely useful for using communication programs such as Skype. Equally, you should think about what operating system your computer comes with. While many laptops will install the most recent version of Windows, some computer users may prefer a version of Windows which they’re already familiar with.

Finally, consider how large you’d like your laptop’s hard drive to be. While a larger hard drive is important for storing data, you should also be aware that this can increase the price of the laptop by a large margin – and may not be necessary, if you want to invest in external USB memory devices.

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