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Three things to consider before buying a ski helmet

Choosing the right size for your ski helmet is extremely important from a safety perspective. Most ski helmets come in sizes from XS-XL, with the size determined by the circumference of your head. To measure the circumference, wrap a tape measure around your head just above your ears and eyebrows. The measurement you get is the circumference of your head. Different manufacturers have different sizes, so check the size chart for each brand carefully.

The helmet should fit snugly around your head, as should the chin strap. The chin strap fits well if you can fit two fingers under it, but you cannot pull it up over your chin. A good tip for trying out the size of the helmet is to shake your head when you have fastened it. If the helmet moves, it is too big.

General helmet sizes:

XS: 48-53 cm S: 53-56 cm M: 56-59 cm L: 59-62 cm XL: 62-64 cm

Most of today’s helmets carry a CE mark, but it can be a good idea to keep an extra eye on this when the time comes to buy a new helmet. The CE mark means that the helmet is approved according to EU standards, which means that it has been tested in order to protect you correctly. You can read more about CE labelling at GOV.uk.

  • Ventilation: Are you looking for a helmet with ventilation or not? There are models with adjustable ventilation, so you can vary the ventilation depending on the weather and wind.

  • Size adjustment: Some helmets have an adjustment system at the back that allows you to adjust the size with high precision.

  • Integrated visor: A particularly practical and popular feature for children who do not need to wear ski goggles. It was originally intended for people with glasses, but it has also become more popular among many people who don't wear glasses.

  • Integrated headphones: Ski helmets with integrated earphones over the eyes are becoming increasingly common, and are perfect for music lovers. However, we recommend that you only listen to music on the lift in order to stay vigilant out on the slopes.

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