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Are you looking for a classic waffle maker or one that you can make Belgian waffles with?
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Waffle Makers Salter EK2143

Salter EK2143

Belgian Waffles, Double, Removable Plates, Indicator Light, Non-Stick

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Waffle Makers Sage The No-mess Waffle
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Sage The No-mess Waffle

Belgian Waffles, Single, Indicator Light, Adjustable Temperature, Non-Stick


A well-designed premium waffle maker if you want to make Belgian waffles without batter splatter



Believe it or not, it’s actually possible to make waffles using an ordinary grill pan. It’s important to make sure the grill pan is well oiled, so that the waffles don’t get stuck. You also need to be careful about how much batter you pour in – the more batter, the longer it will take for the waffle to be ready. And the risk of it sticking also increases with time. It’s a good idea to replace some of the flour in the batter with cornstarch to make the waffles firmer. This way of making waffles may take a little practice before you get the best results.

Sometimes when you make waffles the machine gets quite sticky. Before cleaning your waffle maker, make sure that it’s unplugged and the machine has cooled completely. Then wipe the waffle maker with kitchen paper on the inside. On the outside, you may sometimes need to use a slightly damp cloth if a lot of batter has run over the edges. It’s important that the cloth isn’t wet, but just slightly damp. Then wipe it over again with kitchen paper.

Waffle makers get really hot, but the exact temperature varies a lot between different models. The waffle makers that get hotter often produce a crispier and more golden waffle, while those that don’t reach the same high temperatures produce softer and paler waffles as a result. No matter how hot your waffle maker gets, be careful – burns happen fast, particularly if you’re surrounded by hungry kids.

Three things to consider when buying a waffle maker

Unless you really are short on space, we recommend buying a double iron so that you can cook two waffles at the same time, reducing the waiting time for all the hungry mouths at the dinner table. The disadvantage of a double iron is that it takes up a little more space, but unless you always eat waffles on your own it’s almost always worth sacrificing this little extra space. Look out for waffle makers that can be stored upright, as they make it easier to optimise your storage space.

These days lots of waffle makers allow you to set the temperature yourself, making it easy to adjust the cooking temperature to make your own perfect waffles. With a sound indicator that rings or beeps when the waffles are ready, you can do other things while they're cooking without the risk of them burning.

There are lots of types of waffle irons these days:

  • Classic cast iron waffle makers don’t use electricity, but are placed directly on a heat source. This is great if you want to cook waffles over an open fire, by the campsite or up in the mountains.

  • Electric irons for heart-shaped waffles almost always have a non-stick coating that prevents the waffles from sticking. This means that you don’t need to add fat when cooking. They are easy to keep clean and only need to be wiped down with paper.

  • Belgian waffle irons make slightly thicker, often square waffles that we associate with Belgium. It’s a fun dessert with a scoop of ice cream or strawberries with a little chocolate sauce drizzled on top – or why not with a little sour cream and vendace roe?

  • Waffle bowl makers create small waffle cups that you can fill with ice cream or other delights (perhaps a mix of everything you like?). It’s a sure way to impress your guests after dinner or at an ice-cream party.

Here is a great recipe for breakfast waffles.

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