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Electric BBQs Ninja OG701UK

Ninja OG701UK

Electric BBQ, Table BBQ, Lid, Enclosed Lid



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3 things to consider when buying an electric grill

When using an electric grill, safety should still be a top priority, even though there's no open flame to worry about. Always remember to use a safe and properly grounded outdoor socket and check if there's a residual current device (RCD) available. This device helps protect you against electric shock in case of any malfunction or electrical issues.

There are 2 different types of electric grills: the radiation grill, which has the heat source at the bottom and radiates upwards, and the contact grill, which works more like a griddle. The choice is entirely up to personal preference. But if you're looking for a grill that's similar to a gas grill, the radiation grill is your best bet.

Check out how to use an electric grill and get grilling.

If you've opted for a charcoal or gas grill over an electric one because you think it's impossible to get that classic grill flavour with electricity – think again. It's possible, just in a slightly different way.

  • One option is to use smoke chips. Place impregnated wood chips in an open smoker box on your electric grill with a lid to give your food that smoky taste.

  • Another great option is to brush on a smoky glaze during cooking. You can even find bottled smoke essence to add an extra punch of smoky flavour to your usual glaze.

  • And if you want to infuse your food with smoky flavour right from the start, try making a smoked marinade. This will give your food a delicious smoky taste.

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